Written by Josh Snider

Posted Mar 1, 2005, by Josh Snider.

Genre: Pop;
Who is in Skidward? Chris: I play guitar and sing. Clint: I play bass and do some back vocals. Aaron: I am the rhythmic section.

What is music? Chris: Music is what brings sanity to the world. Through music, you can express intense emotions that couldn't otherwise be conveyed through words alone. Clint: Music is just organized noise anyway you look at it, to me at least. Aaron: Music is some-thing that creates emotion and feelings when it’s heard.

What is the best thing about music? Aaron: Playing it live. Clint: Play-ing live and hearing it live is how music was meant to be.

What is the worst? Chris: I don't like the fact that for every band with an original message and sound, you have to sift through thirty other bands, which sound exactly alike and have no real message to deliver.

What do you want to see happen thru music in the future? Chris: I think in an ideal world, I would like to see music return to a less commer-cialized form, where the focus is more on art-istry rather than a com-mercial product.

What other instruments can you play? Chris: I play flamenco guitar and alto saxophone. Clint: I play guitar and some percussion instruments. Aaron: I play some guitar, haha.

What were some of your favorite bands growing up? Chris: I definitely liked Nir-vana, Weezer and Green day, but I grew out of Green Day once I hit puberty. But those bands definitely influenced me to play guitar. Aaron: I grew up listening to rap music but later I got into The Stro-kes, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and Queens Of The Stone Age. Clint: I grew up on just about everything from Motown, to Country, to Guns ‘N Roses, but even-tually got into punk and stuff. Now I listen to just about everything from Glassjaw to Bright Eyes.

What do your parents think? Clint: My parents hated the music I lis-tened to but knew with out it I’d probably been a pretty depressed teenager.

How did you come up with your name? Aaron: Webster’s dictionary, pg.59… Skidward - (skid-word) can't be clasified or put into a category.

What would you say to a kid who has no faith in himself? Chris: You're not alone.

Who do you one day want to play a show with the most? Aaron: The Strokes
Clint: Foo Fighters or Weezer.

Why do you guys play music? Chris: I play music because I enjoy it. But I guess, we want to be heard because we're offering people an alternative message, we're saying something different than most bands.

Why would anyone want to hear your music? Aaron: Because it's different, and we have multiple aspects to our music; and we're trying to say some-thing besides what’s on the radio.

Where do you think your band will be in 5 years? Clint: Well, I hope that we’re playing Saturday Night Live and featured on the cover of the Rolling Stone.

Where have you been playing lately and how has your response been? Clint: We have mainly just played around the OC & LA area and everyone that comes out loves our show and we usually turn a 25 minute set into an hour set from all of the request for our older material.
How does it feel to tour with the band members? Chris: It's a lot of fun, I'd say it definitely brings together the three of us, and makes our music more powerful.

What's your latest cd, what do you guys think about it and what did your fans say about it? Aaron: A lot of people want to know where all of our songs are and why aren’t they recorded yet, but that’s all in time and when we can get to recording them.



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