Sketches - Burr Settles

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Sep 8, 2007, by Meesh!.

Sketches- Burr Settles

1."Sketches"- There's a great feeling of rock here with a little taste of western music, just a real all around good sounding vibe. "I find it as hard to be myself as it is to be someone else."

2."Sugar in The Raw"- This song is so interesting because its a unique mix of rap, funk,
and ska! There's trumpets, real cool effects, and extremely catchy lyrics, which keep you
hooked the most. "They aint talking about no sweet-n-low."

3."Slingshot"- He explains a story about a boy who got a slingshot for his seventh birthday
and ended up shooting something he was not supposed to. To escape getting in trouble and keep it from his father he and his sister make a deal forhim do everything for her. Chores, dishes, everything. Eventually he tells his dad who tells his son it was follish to let his sister treat him like a slave when his father had already forgave. It really is a nice song.

4."Heaven Only Knows"- Well they were drinking excessively he says...The song just sounds really chill, something you could relax to or if you feel like spacing out. There's real
cool guitar chords, notes, and chord changes. "Heaven only knows why I kill the time we have, why Im treating you so bad."

5. "Each Day is Better Than The Next"- Real country/rock western sound..Talks about his own self pity but still feels that each day is better than the next. It's a real catchy song and there's also a real neat rock solo included.

6. "Kentucky Blue"- Just listening to this I already felt the presence of country side, just imagining I was there, and I was seeing it all infront of me. There's real pretty chords and shakers! There's just so much emphasis on Kentucky Blue in this song, and it ends real beautifully.

7. "Your Derivative"- Extremely nice fingerpicking and again, a shaker! He talks about his
girl being the common denominator. He thinks she did not do any arithmetic, but she looks
at things from a deifferent view. He will be her derivative, she will let him see things at diffferent views.

8. "Josephine & Adrianne"- So Josephine is the good girl that went to Sunday School and
Adrianne is the girl who didnt let boys take her down. A friendship is formed between them.
They talk about things like "who boys are just like cheese: They get old, hairy, smelly, and melt under extreme heat." Really these two girls dont understand how they feel. "Who comes out in the end?"

9. "Shiner"- There's an extremely beautiful intro with some folk sound to it. Sounds like a banjo maybe. Although the song is short, the same beautiful sound continues throughout.

10. "Deaf, Dumb, & Blind"- Has that same country/rock sound with some whistling added to it. "Baby I cant see you anymore." Then talks about watching pigeons take their aim. "I can't hear you anymore though you're right outside my door...I can't love you anymore though you're just outside my door. I can't see you anymore."

11. "Something Happened On the Way"- Country voice, country sound. "All the angels covered up their eyes. Something happened on the way to heaven and Ive gone blind." Short and sweet.

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