Skateboarding X Music - Element X Fender Collab: 46/92

Written by Jonny Havoc

To me skateboarding and music go hand in hand and I can't have one without the other. cruising down the Huntington Beach board walk with some tunes completes everything. Well It's about time to see some real collaboration between a major skateboarding maker like Element Skateboards and a leading guitar maker Fender Guitars. This will have a great effect on the music and skate scene of 2014 and for years to come. I think it will have an even more amazing effect on the kids.

Skate More - Listen More!!!
-Jonny Havoc

The word on the street just got real because this was taken directly from Element website. Eat your hearts out kids.



Introducing the 46/92 collection from Element in collaboration with Fender.

Music and skateboarding have a rich history together, pushing progression and continually changing the way we see and hear the world around us. Fender was born in 1946 and has since grown to be the leader in musical instruments, from bands on stage in sold out stadiums to the music enthusiast playing alone in his bedroom. If you double the year Fender was founded, '46, you get '92; the year Element was formed. Both brands are passionate about what they represent and are driven to create product with a purpose that is made to endure, and thus have stood the test of time. View the entire collection Here


Element Skateboards Pro Evan Smith visits the SWELL studio to get us pumped about the Element X Fender '46/92 Collection'. He gives us a glimpse of his love for skateboarding and how he got so involved in the music industry.
Check out this awesome collab and listen to some killer tune-age from our man, Evan.

About The 46/92 Collection, '46' for the year Fender was formed and '92' for the year Element was created, features psychedelic graphics with a music tour vibe. They are offering everything from hoodies, raglans, tanks and tees that are "made to endure" and stand the test of time, just as music and skateboarding have.

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