Situation Red - Three Locks On Every Door (HxC)

Written by rickmurder

Situation Red - Three Locks On Every Door
Posted Jan 15, 2011.

For the pop punk scene already bulging at the seams with music situation red does have the ability to stand out from the rest and take you back to your roots. Throughout the album they have solos that remind me of early social d and have bits and pieces of voodoo glow skulls, dogwood, sum 41, offspring, and old afi. One might think oh how can these bands sound like all those bands and not be lost in the monotony of the music industry. Well from beginning to end the album executes exceptional drive with blazing guitars, driving beat, and poppy charged lyrics. Even though I am throwing them into the pop scene I would recommend being a fan of punk to be able to truly enjoy the dynamic of this album because they get pretty heavy and infused with trashy punk at parts that really make you wanna get rowdy. So go check them out on

and of course here on big smile magazine.



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