Sinking Ships - Disconnected

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Apr 6, 2007, by Smeagol.


(Revelation Records)

From the same scene that brought the underground world such legendary hardcore mainstays as Champion, Stay Gold, and Blue Monday comes the new blood of the Pacific Northwest: Sinking Ships. Although the band has been together only a couple years they've already begun to make ripples in hardcore circles everywhere. Delivering fast, unrelenting melodic posi-core in the same vein as their above mentioned mentors, SS does little to reinvent the wheel, but instead works within the posicore formula that fostered them to make a genuinely sincere and honest record. "Disconnecting," their 12 track full length debut for Revelation Records, does exactly what it should. There's no long drawn out balladry with epic clean vocals or generic breakdowns here, nor is there anything surprising or eye-popping. If you're looking for the next big thing in hardcore you might want to mosey along, Sinking Ships play good ol' fashioned hardcore built for sing alongs and 2 steps, and luckily don't claim to do anything else.


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