Silent Sam (Indie/Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Silent Sam
Posted Nov 15, 2007.

Hi I'm Silent Sam I pretty much its just me, so I do it all.

What were some of your favorite bands growing up, and what band is the most influential to your music today?

lol. umm thats a question you might not want me to answer...i was raised by my mother and she wasnt really into much other than r&b or pop music...and i was also raised in a church that was like "rock n roll" is the devil lol. so my beginnings with music are rooted in church music and horribly bubbly gummy 80s 90s pop...

as to the second part of the question...Im influenced by music in general...i pretty much like it if i hear a jazz song and i feel the vibe coming off of it...that makes an impression..or if its a tori amos song and i feel emotion behind it...that makes an i guess i would say its an a la carte influencing going on...

Do you have any shows coming up?

no. not really...

Where do you find the right words for your music?

thats a tough one...i dont ever feel that my words are that they are nowhere near a simon and garfunkel or iron and wine...or the decemberists even...and its usually in the first person even though its not always about me, so thats somewhere im still working on... but as far as them being right for the music...i dont know the music kind of makes up a paint by numbers in my gives a vague impression of words i should use to color where...and usually the words are things that i have been thinking of already and the music is unconscious extention of that and then it all comes together...

Where does a lot of your music inspiration come from?

pain, sorrow, and broken and i see the world thats broken and i see the beauty in reaching out and going on inspite of the pain and that being something beautiful, as something rising up from the ashes...

I didn't see a cd on your myspace, but do you have one out right now, or when can we expect to get our grubby little fingers on a copy for a review?

lol. i dont have any cds for sale...i have a whole freaking catalogue of music ive done. but thats hiding in my pc somewhere...i would love to put it all together in albumn form however, just not not there yet...

What made you want to start making music?

thats a good question. music has always been in the background in my life and my sister and I were always acting like we were famous singers and such. in fact i never saw myself doing what i am doing now. i was a sports fanatic and was bent on being the next michael jordan or emmit smith...i always thought my sister would be the person out there singing...(she is an amazing artist though and is getting ready to graduate with a degree in that stuff)

I guess i got to my teenage years and music was all i had. i didnt really have any friends and spent a lot of time alone. and then it progressed from there, and at the time i felt that there wasnt music out there that i really wanted to listen to, so i would make the kind stuff that i wanted to hear...So i guess thats how that started (and it turned into something totally different, like lets say, an unshakeble addiction...)

What religion are you and does that effect your music at all?

i dont profess any religion, but i was raised in church and was going to be a missionary, so that part of my past does affect my present. thats a really weird place to be by the way...having lived most of your life in belief and full support of something and then randomly changing your mind...

Is their anything that you would like to say to your fans reading this interview?

fans? i have fans? where? lol. (ps. if you are a fan, i mean no offense, im just insecure and think everyone is just being polite when they say they like my music...)

Do you have any promoting secrets?

make sure that whatever it is youre going to be promoting is good and then just get yourself out there...dont be afraid to take your time and be personable, but keep pushing...

What do you think of Big Smile Magazine?

Its freaking awesome! and i really appreciate that they would even consider giving me an interview...



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