Senses Fail - Still Searching

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Apr 16, 2007, by Big Hoss.

I've always liked senses fail, from the EP to let it enfold you to now. Buddy's voice is unique and all the musicians in the band are very skilled. I've always loved the intensity of the band, especially in from the depths of dreams. This album is certainly no disappointment, the guitars are just excellent as is the drumming and the vocals. Everything flows together so nicely on this album creating a hard rock feel combined with a great melodic feel also.

Senses fail didn't just produce a slightly modified version of let it enfold you and sell it off as still searching. They obviously put alot of time into creating a new sound and it paid off. The lyrics are not just some sappy emo crap that was thrown in there for little high school girls and guys to dance to and cry about, it is heart felt and deep. You can sense the emotional pain buddy was going through while creating and singing the lyrics.
If you've liked senses fail before this record I would be amazed if you didn't like this one. I would say this is their best album to date with from the depths of dreams as a close second and of course let it enfold you at third. Some may disagree with me about let it enfold you being their worst album and I know alot of people love it. Let it enfold you was by no means a bad album, it was very good, but it just sounded a little too poppy and mainstream to me and some of the songs were a little on the weak side. Still searching is just so much deeper and the music is much more complex.

Overall, the band has matured a great deal and still searching is simply an excellent album that is definitely worth the money.



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