Self-Titled EP - The Slang

Written by Sky Fisher

Band – The Slang
Album – Self-titled EP
Release Date – September 2nd, 2014

The Slang, hailing from Columbus, OH, released their self-titled EP on September 2nd. From the first song, the EP is unexpectedly addictive – it's easy to see why The Slang have already appeared at several music festivals and have had their music featured on Bravo and the USA Network.

The Slang offer a refreshing view on your typical relationship songs – they may be singing about the same topics as every other band but are doing so in a unique, almost unbiased, perspective. I love how they delve into the “Did we try hard enough? Is it time to let go?” aspect of relationships, which I'm sure is situation most listeners can relate to.

It's all but impossible to pick a best or favorite song on the album as each song flows together so effortlessly but my personal favorite (today, at least) is “Find a Way”. With lyrics like “If you know/I can't be what you want/Why don't you just tell me”, it's heart-wrenching power pop that gets stuck in your head. The pop sound combined with the addictive but emotionally vulnerable chorus truly depict the conflicting emotions at the end of a break-up.

The Slang reminds me of bands like Walk the Moon and The Killers – catchy power pop with an alt rock sound. They have the potential to reach mainstream but are still most-fitting for the alt rock stations, particularly the first single “Feels Like Work”.

Even after listening to the album for several days, I still find myself singing the lyrics in my head. I absolutely cannot wait to hear more from these guys and if they ever play a show in Pittsburgh, it's safe to say I will be there.

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