Scars of Tomorrow @ Hogue Barmichael's 4/29/07

Written by Big Smile Staff

Scars of Tomorrow, Moria, The Keep, Run for Cover, Through Blunt Castration, Fight the Fall At Hogue Barmichael's 04/29/07

Posted May 1, 2007, by Big Hoss.

Featured Artists: Fight the Fall; Genre: Hardcore;

Fight the Fall was the first to set foot on stage and these guys totally blew me away. If you’re a hardcore fan like me you will want to check these guys out they have all the breakdowns and 2-Step parts you could ever wish for. After there set had a chance to talk to lead singer Max Way and I was pretty blunt with him I just told him how good they sounded and how heavy there music was with the sick breakdowns and riffs and the vocals were so brutal and intense, so do me a favor do them a favor go check them out on myspace if you ever see them on a show calendar get out to there show you don’t want to miss it you will be in for a treat.

Next to get on stage was Through Blunt Castration, before the show I was talking to band manager Nick B and I asked him to tell me a band that these guys sounded like so I can get an idea of what is going down tonight and he couldn’t give me one band they sounded like and you know what when I heard these guys I couldn’t even think of a band that these guys sounded like, So if your in to Grindcore/Death Metal then this is the band for you because these guys rocked live and the music on there myspace is pretty sick as well so if you like fast, heavy and intense music this is where its at check these guys out at they also have a couple shows coming up so get out to them check there myspace for times and dates.

Run for Cover was next in the lineup and these guys laid some heavy stuff down I jumped up in the Mosh for these guys it was just calling my name, they opened up with the song called “The Gallop” witch can be found on there myspace. When these guys played the whole room opened up every one was moshing for these guys. Metal/Hardcore is what these guys play and they play it well also having some 2-step parts in there to. Through out there set they never lightened up, all the way through it was heavy guitar and bass and gut wrenching vocals, it was intense! Run for Cover is also in this years Battle Of The Bands at chain reaction on May 10th so come out and have a good time and check these guys out on myspace at

Up next was The Keep a band straight out of Los Angeles this band was awesome they have 6 members all together and one of those members is a keyboardist and keyboard and heavy metal/hardcore go great together, they bring a lot of old school hardcore back and you can hear it in there music, some of there influences are All Shall Perish, Winds of Plague, Bleeding Through and Sick of it All. They put on a great show so keep an eye out for these guys, get out to there shows and mosh and dance and just have a great time check them out on myspace at I was talking to a couple of the members and they are all pretty cool guys so definitely check them out listen to there songs and add them on myspace

Moria was up next now this band was straight up metal circle pit status and was just rocking the house these guys were super heavy and just totally awesome with there catchy riffs and great guitar leads and there double bass beats and earth shaking bass witch made them sound so great. They will be on tour with The Final Burden through May and in to June so if they come to your area you should check these guys out, they put on a great live performance and powerful music check them out on myspace at

Last band of the night was no other then Scars Of Tomorrow coming out of orange county CA also signed to Victory Records. Pretty much if you were not at this show you missed out on some good action these guys brought it down the mosh pit got crazy every one was going off for this band here and it was just insane if you like heavy metal and crazy hardcore music then check these guys out on myspace at or this was there last show EVER in the O.C. so if you saw them you lucked out!

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