Ruthie Bram (Indie/Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Ruthie Bram
Posted Sep 4, 2007.

Hi Ruthie Bram, my name is Jonny Havoc, how are you doing today?
I am doing fantastic, and one of the reasons is because I’m being interviewed by you today!

Where can we buy your music?
You can buy my music in CD format on my MySpace at and at
Also, you can buy my songs in digital format on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and just about every other online store.

I noticed that you aren’t under a label right now, and you’re an amazing artist, and I wanted to know why?
Thank you! At year ago, at 17 I had an offer from a label piggybacking off Warner Bros. to do Neo-Soul, but I didn’t feel it would be best for me in the long-term. At that time, I was also was one of the top 4 in a three-continent search and the top contender in the United States for a new dance artist for a major European label; but I was eliminated because I was too young at 17 to go on tour by myself. You know how that is. However, despite that, I am a firm believer that if the label deals offered aren’t right for me at the moment, then, I’ll set my own course to sail, and…will be the captain of my own ship. There are some great advantages to being free from a label, and there are advantages to having a label back me. Regardless, of how this plays out in the immediate future, I hope that whatever I do in my musical career, I am satisfied with my accomplishments. It is of utmost importance to me that I am satisfied that I have done the very best I can for myself. It is very liberating and empowering to take hold the circumstances that I am in and do the best I can.

Do you have any upcoming shows that we can look forward to?
Well, you guys can look forward to seeing any of my shows that EuroRock 2007 is putting on in the US. I think you’ll enjoy my live performances. To check out which of the shows is nearest to you, go to and take a look at the schedule I’ve posted there.

I see that you are part of a nationwide peace tour (EuroRock 2007 Rockin' the World for Peace Tour), but what does this peace tour do to contribute to world peace.
The point of this tour is to encourage individual people, local press, groups, and so forth to think and talk about what it takes to bring peace into the world. Hopefully, as a result of thinking and talking, some people will put their deliberations into action. If no one brings up for consideration peace, then the topic is pushed to the back burner and no action ever takes place. So, the thrust of the EuroRock 2007 Tour is to foster conversation about goodwill toward others that promotes a more peaceful social climate.

And how are you helping to create world peace?
EuroRock is seeking to facilitate world peace by focusing attention on the topic of peace through song, and also, by showing that 14 bands from different sectors of the world can live and work together toward a common goal. Many times we witness individuals or groups that have a common concern but one or both groups are so uncooperative that they cannot work together long enough or effectively enough to obtain their goal.

Through our discussion of peace in music, we hope to encourage individuals to examine and work on their own social relationships. Peace or hostility can be generated between two people, between two rival groups, or between disgruntled nations while we as individuals may not be able to bring peace on a world scale, we can foster peace in our backyards with the people around us. The same thing holds for intra-societal groups. If we are a part of a group that is at odds with another group, we can work to see how we turn this around so that it becomes a small win-win, rather than a big win and big loose situation.

What inspires all of your lyrics for your songs?
My experiences, my observations of others, and what others have told me have happened to them gives me the inspiration for my songs. Generally, I am emotionally so impacted by the experiences that I’m driven to write about them. So, my lyrics are a reflection of what I’m going through or what I’ve witnessed another living through. Of course, I’m inspired by heroic moments, but I am mostly inspired by the ordinary events and feelings that make up all of our lives. These daily thoughts and actions are examples of when we are seeking hope, the warmth of friendships, or goodness in small things, and these are the thread of drama that connects us all.

Who comes up with the beats, and who plays all the instruments in your band?
I come up with the beats, and my producer, Eddie Hedges, enhances them with distinctive nuances. My studio keyboardist, Maurice Crutcher, is an absolute creative and technical genius, and my studio guitarist, Aaron McLain, plays for Marc Anthony and Jenifer Lopez. So, I have a great team. They’re not my live performance band, but the bands I choose to back me in performance are the best of the best.

Could you tell me what is the best thing about music?
The whole vibe of my music and lyric is to be true to what is real. I keep the music and lyrics real so that others can identify and find meaning in it. I try to make the important phrases mentally memorable by catchy melodies and physically retainable by danceable beats.

Any funny/interesting stories from a show?
Once when I was soloist for a choir at an important celebrity benefit dinner in Beverly Hills, the entire show did not do a full stage rehearsal. As the seconds ticked up to when I was to leave the spot allotted to me at the end of the highest riser with the choir, I realized I was not going to be able to make a slow and graceful descent from the top riser to the bottom riser and over to my mic, which was front and center stage. In fact, to accommodate the vast distance, the blocking bodies, and the speeding time, I jumped from the third riser to the floor, then, gracefully glided to my mic. The performance was on target and the crowd roared its approval—especially a front row table of ladies. Thereafter, whenever I performed that evening, as I approached the mic, that group of ladies went wild. By evening’s end, they were on their feet dancing to the songs I sang. Later, my little brother, who was filming the show from a balcony along side a well-known TV personality, told me that after the jump from the risers, the celebrity came over to him and said, “Did you see that girl jump from the risers!?”

What do you do for work right now, other than play music?
At 18 I’m still in school. I am unable to work on my music, go to school, and work. My parents are very helpful with regard to finances, and I am very grateful that they can help me as they do.

What were some of your favorite bands growing up?
I was raised in Texas on the musical greats like Buddy Holly, Janis Joplin, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Anything you would like to say to your fans reading this interview?
Yes, there is definitely is something I’d like to say to my fans! Without you, the fans, my writing and performing would not have any purpose. I am privileged that you relate to what I write and perform. Thank you for finding meaning in my music.

You have a pretty big tour coming up, how many tours have you been on?
This will be my first nationwide tour. After this I hope to continue touring and spreading the message of hope and love to people.

When you go on tour do you have a lot of out of state fans?
Most definitely! My music is being played on terrestrial and internet radio stations in Iceland, the Philippines, and parts of the U.S.A. So, I have fans throughout Middle East, UK, Europe, Russia, Africa, and Asia. There are more people from foreign countries playing my music on their MySpace pages also. It is gratifying.

What is the name of your latest CD?
‘Ruthie Bram’ is the name of my latest CD. It will be released on tour, and should be on iTunes and everywhere else shortly after that.

Could you tell us a little bit about it?
My music fits the genre of funk rock/pop. This CD has luminous, fiery pop melodies that are undergirded by urban funk vibes reminiscent of the 1970s and are driven by screaming soulful rock guitar. If you like Prince, Sly and the Family Stone, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, and others like these, you’ll immediately love my music.

Your smart to have downloads on your MySpace for your songs, how are those selling compared to the actual CD?
It’s about the same. It’s more common today for people to download songs straight to their iPod; however, there are still a lot of people who like to have the full CD with the artwork and pictures (I include a lot of cool pics). Like in my new CD, my CD insert is a mini-poster. So fans love that.

I know over the years of being in the music industry you must have some promoting secrets that you would like to share with our readers?
The advice I would give is to choose your own route. Find your goal and create a plan. The most important thing to remember is to not doubt yourself and give it your 200%! Successful people don’t model after someone else, they’re innovators, and they invent their own way achieve their goals. So don’t follow someone else, do YOUR own thing!

What do you think of Big Smile Magazine?
Big Smile Magazine is FABULOUS! They give an introspective view of the indie music world…what it is now and what’s it’s becoming, who’s ‘IN’ and who’s ‘OUT’. They won’t lie to you! They know who the next rockstar/diva will be. The indie music world is in their hands, and they’ll let you know WHAT’S GOIN’ ON! Big Smile Magazine is an essential tool for indie musicians!



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