Ruiners Fracture! (Hardcore)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Ruiners Fracture!
Written Sep 1, 2005

Stewart Richmond - Guitars
Billy Galvin - Drums
Chris Thomas - Vocals
Ryan Doria - Bass
Chris Doss - Guitar

What does your band name mean? The aftermath of destruction; but not in a depressed, "I hate the world" kind of way.
What venue would you like to play? Glasshouse, sounds amazing there.
What venue has been the best? So far, Chain Reaction.
What area has been the best to play? Los Angeles, kids there simply love the music. It's not like a fashion show how it is in OC, kids are there to hear some music and have a good time.
Where was your best show? Chain Reaction, it's our stompin' grounds.
What makes a show the best? The response from the crowd. Seeing that everyone is into your music, it makes a show totally awesome.
Why do people listen to your music? Energy, feeling, and emotion. People like to have a fun time, and I think our new music expresses that.
What is the best thing about being your band? Being able to have a blast making music with your best friends. It's a cool thing being able to hang out with all of your best friends and make music.
Do you have any advice to starting bands? Keep practicing, practicing, and practicing, cause you can really only get better. Try to stay away from playing shows when your really not ready, get your songs down tight and take everything into consideration.
Does being involved in playing music make you miss out on anything? YESSS, there will always be something going on but we have a practice schedule and we'll go to practice instead of going out and doing other things. People think we're jerks because of it.
What were some of your favorite bands growing up? Queen, Motley Cru, and The Doors.
Anything you would like to say to your fans reading this interview? Thanks for taking time to read this, or being interested in us at all. We really appreciate people helping us out with street team stuff and anything at all, which we have gotten a lot of help for. You people know who you are and we love you to death.
For your latest CD, why did you title it Telepathic Warfare? You can tell when things aren't right between you and another person, and if you can kind of tell what someone is thinking even without words. I think that was the main focus for this title.
How long did it take? It took us one day, 6 hours to record all 4 tracks. We knew the songs pretty well, we went into the studio and got everything done in one try.
Where can we get it? Send a mess-age on our myspace and we'll send you one, we don’t have distro yet.
What did your fans say about it? They told us they love it. A lot of people don't like it though. That's something you have to except as musicians.
Any advice for anyone thinking about making a CD? I can't really give much advice. It's your thought and choices that make your style. It wouldn't' be yours if I were to give ideas.

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