Rosematter - S/T (Pop/Punk)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Rosematter - S/T
Written Sep 24, 2010.

Pennsylvania's Rosematter released a self titled album in mid 2008 under Torque & Victory Records and was produced by Chris Badami who also produced The Early November, The starting Line and not limited to Midtown, Rosematter sure did pick the right producer to match their style.

Rosematter is a girl fronted (Katie Kolos) pop-punk, indie band from like I said earlier, Pennsylvania, and the girl front is backed by five more band members. Those six combined into one band sure packs a high energy band from song one all the way through to the end. Aside from having high energy, Rosematter has a lot of humor in their song titles such as: Track 3 "I Don't Cheat, I Get Results", Track 6 (My Favorite) "Chuck Norris Jokes Aren't Funny Anymore" and track 8 "Your Mom Doesn't Count As A Fan, Jesse". Rosematters Pop Punk, melodic, catchy tunes remind me of Paramore, Eudora, Fall Out Boy, Boys Like Girls and a little bit of Lyrics Game.

If your into any of those band I just mentioned than you'll love Rosematter. You can hear them at or

(We're still waiting for Rosematter 2: The Search For More Money.)

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