Rocom (Indie/Emo/Hip-Hop)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Posted Nov 16, 2010.

Hows it going today Rocom?

It's good. Keeping busy and its Tuesday, so that means cheap tacos.
Can't really go wrong.

We have been following your work for years now and want to take a step
back in time with you real quick... A while back you were in a hardcore band (where I first met you)
called Love Thyne, now I've been to a bunch of shows and even seen you
guys at the House Of Blues in Anaheim and I wanted to hear your story
on how and why you left the band?

Love Thyne, now that's taking it back. Love Thyne started as a band
made up of close friends from the South Orange County area. I never
really knew much about hardcore music before joining the band. I was
mostly listening to a ton of indie rock and hip-hop. My hardcore
tastes only really extended to bands like H20. Being in a band is
hard. Working with people is tough. You become a family. You fight and
love like a family. I started rapping about a year into the formation
of the band. As Love Thyne was getting serious about doing national
tours, they were looking to bring more "dedicated people" into the
band. I came to every practice, put money into recording time and was
never late to a single show. But, everyone in the band knew I was a
rapper now more than a metal guitarist. They felt it would be better
for both parties if I focused on hip-hop and they had fully dedicated
members across the board. They were right, at least for me. After
leaving the band, Love Thyne became a train wreck of alternating new
members, song writing that shifted from hardcore to metal to rock &
roll and they never went on a single tour. A little known fact is that
Love Thyne still loosely exists as a band called Monument To Thieves.
Only 2 of the members were actually in Love Thyne, but without Love
Thyne, Monument to Thieves would never exist. Original guitarist,
Dino, and I had lunch the other day and I still keep in touch with
Christian, Colin and Matty from time to time. They're good dudes and
have a true passion for what they love. I have no regrets about
leaving. I love making hip-hop full-time!

Soon after your part in LoveThyne ended you joined up with a friend
and started "Closed Heart Surgery". An emo rap style playing with The
Pack @ The Alley (Yeah I remember that) and from the look and sound of
it you guys were thriving. Could you tell us how you went from CSH to
just Rocom and the story behind the transaction?

Well, I was actually doing CHS while I was in Love Thyne. But, once I
left, I was able to focus fully on making hip-hop tracks. Rocom
actually manifested soon after that show with The Pack. Ross G had
explained to me that he didn't have time to make music anymore and
felt that he was holding me back by not giving our project the full
attention it needed. I never really accepted that he had left the
group. I always felt like he would come back and I didn't change the
name right away. I should have changed it then, but I held onto it for
a few more years. The name became confusing in itself. People were
listening to CHS thinking it was a full band or at the very least a
duo. But, it has been just me ever since I recorded the song "Zombies
Are Real". Just recently I said to myself, "fu** it, its time to
change the name." I was worried about losing the attention of Closed
Heart Surgery fans once I made the name Rocom, but the truth is, kids
will find the music if they are looking for it. If my songs are still
good, kids will play them on their iPods and come out to shows. Its
just a name, I wish I had felt that way back when we played that show
at The Alley.
Enough of the past, What's ROCOM up to today?

F'realz, the past is MEGA boring! The future looks bright. I've been
making good money as a contract graphic designer. My iTunes sales help
pay for a few bills at the very least and I am working with some great
people in the local scene.
I see that you have a bunch of songs up on your myspace, any plans to
release an album any time soon?

YES! I am working on a new full length album. I recently posted a free
10 song album to hold the fans over. Anyone can download it via the
MySpace page ( or from my personal blog
( The new album I am working on now will feature
tracks with Wes. and a certain Rhymesayers Ent. artist. To not get any
rumors started, it is NOT Slug from Atmosphere.
What are your plans for live shows, anything brewing right now?

I am actually working on a free show at The Active at Irvine Spectrum.
Still waiting on confirmation for it, but it will be to celebrate the
release of my new Artist Series Earphones, the Heartphones by
EARBANGER. Yeah, I get my own line of earbuds! They look amazing and
sound amazing. They have a gold and black color way with the
Heartphones logo on the shell. I can't wait for fans and friends to
get their hands on them. They're DOPE!
For the fans reading this and don't know about ROCOM, could you give
us a little "Who I Am and What I Do" story?

I'm a comic book nerd, gamer, artist and designer making hip-hop
music. I've been making music since 2005 and absolutely love it. I
hope we could meet someday. You and I. Maybe get some tacos and go see
a movie. One at the University 6 Theaters in Irvine perhaps?
What's been playing in your headphones lately?

Phantogram, Julian Casablancas, Blueprint, Katy Perry(<-- Can't deny
it), the new Kanye record, Cee Lo Green, Fol Chen and Manchester
If you had to pick an underground rap/hiphop artist that you think is
going to be coming up on top soon, who would you say?

Right now its going to be hard to push Kanye and Jay-Z out of the lime
light. Its hard to keep up on all the new rappers coming out these
days. The industry is absolutely saturated with new music. But, I'm
really excited to see how Jay Electronica does under Bad Boy
Thanks for doing an interview with us today. We look forward to
following your music for the next few years. Any last words to your
fans reading this interview?

I love you and I know its a little soon to say it, but its just how I
feel. Get over yourself. Deal with it. I love you and that's how it
is. Get used to it. Also, hit me up, I am ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!!

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