Rock Our Heroes! (Comp)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Rock Our Heroes!
Written May 11, 2007.

1000 CDs were mailed to our troops in Iraq. 1000 CDs were donated to Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund. All proceeds from sales of the CDs will stay with Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund. To order a copy of the CD, visit:

1. Pieniazek - Courage, Honor, and Valor
This CD Starts off with a sick metal rock band, with some great lyrics. "Giving their lives for freedom, protecting our land" Awesome song.

2. 11th Hour Music - Take Me Home
11th hour a Las Vegas, Nevada band rocks, has amazing guitar leads, and powerful lyrics. If i had to put a another band name to what they sound like i would maybe say Five Good Reasons.

3.Gosney - Freedom
Gosney has an amazing intro, Another awesome metal band on this cd. This song is an Instrumental song and had a very dramatic end to the song, you will love it!

4.Hlookoff - soldier
This song is defiantly not as hard as the last 3 songs, with only piano and vocals, his vocals are amazing. I would like to here some more from this band.

5. Stratakat and Pharquartt - The Bride STICK Blues
This song is a blues and jazz Instrumental piece with a tight guitar riffs.

6.Pieniazek - Missin' Home
The same band as song number 1, It is great to here a full band rock out and the turn around and be able to play Instrumental, i think that's takes good talent. This song still has the metal rock feel to it which i would say a slight blues influence.

7.Pieniazek - Fight For Our Country
Pieniazek gives us a nother song, This song is defiantly something i can sing along to. Pure rock in this song.

8.Whiskey Chapel - Fight For Freedom
the intro has Acoustic guitar with a little bit of Electric guitar lead then jumps right into fast passed rock chant. I can only imagen a crowed throwing up their fists to this song.

9.Delorean - war within
Great drum solo intro, very nice.This song is not quite as hard as the fest few bands and not as soft as the Instrumental songs, its kind of right in the middle.

10.Liquidirt - Free
This is a nother instrumental song and it is by liquidirt. They are a band rock band from ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico.

11.Alex Scaff Jr. - Hope and Hold
This song is a little bit more of a soft rock, with some really good lyrics, "Always make room for peace, Take the time to heal." This is a good song but just a little to slow for me.

12.Pieniazek - Never Forgotten
They opened for this cd with Courage, Honor and Valor and now are ending the cd with an instrumental song, Never Forgotten. This is the 4th time we have gotten to here this band and I would recommend looking this band up and seeing what else they have to offer.

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