Rise Against - Appeal to Reason (Punk)

Written by rickmurder

Rise Against - Appeal to Reason
Posted Jul 22, 2010.

Most of you know this band, and what they have brought to the table for the new punk nation. They still have the driving force and individualism through this album that stands out as much as a guy wearing a white shirt at a gothic concert does. As the guitars squeal with glee when the album burst through your speakers, punching and dwelling into your brain. The vocals have a dirty, but yet, a sharp concise cleanliness about them that makes you hang on every word that has to be said. Thus, inducing a sing along chant by your second time around listening through the CD. Songs like "The Dirt Whispered", which has been airing on most local and college stations, has great clean vocals that sting the air. The guitars give the song even more driving force behind the message that is to be said in the lyrics. Every song on this album musically, though simple, will still have you hanging on the edge of your seat waiting to hear the next song. Each song does sound different but still will stand out like a light fog teasing your mind.

Now this album is what you would say modern punk is to this date. It doesn’t have the feel of the raw dirty gutter aspects like most of the late 80's and 90's punk musician’s had. Over all a very clean recording well mastered, and well produced. I would put them into a pop punk bracket, such as greats like MXPX, Pennywise, NOFX, as well as current Anti-flag, just to list a few. Undoubtedly, I would recommend this band if you enjoy wanting to drive fast, skate harder or just sing along. One of the hardest CDs just to sit down and listen to once.



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