Riff Raff Dub - Bad Nation

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted May 15, 2008, by Bobby Bowers.

Genre: Reggae;
Riff Raff Dub newest CD "Bad Nation" leaves me confused but smiling as there name does, I'm not quite sure it is what I have heard but I know I like it, it's a mix of reggie, rock ,and something that had to be spawn at the beach that blended leaves you in a state of relaxation. My favorite track in the 17 tracks has to be "Garage Dub" with its mid song jam session that you cant help but get lost to I don't see how you can't fall in love with it. So I say go to www.myspace.com/riffraffdub pick up there cd, drive to the beach and rest under the sun and just enjoy it all!



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