Red Bull Perspective (Skate Video)

Written by sketchydave

Title: Red Bull Perspective
Run Time: 16:27

First off I would like to say I did enjoy this skateboard film Red Bull made. You'll see a lot of big names in skateboarding in this video. Also a lot of money put into it. Something like this normally wouldn't be my slice of cake, but Red Bull went in a different direction then just a Hollywood produced sellout video. As a skater myself I found it refreshing to see some very high quality cinematography. Each trick can be watched in crystal clear quality.

Red Bull choose for this film heavy hitters such as; Ryan Decenzo, Zerad Basset,Torey Pudwill,and Ryan Sheckler . I know what many readers may be thinking after hearing Ryan Sheckler was a featured skater,and my reply is just give this film a chance. Perspective is a good skate video showing many aspects of skating.

You'll be surprised following this group of skaters on how much blood, sweat, and slams where put into this video. Also you'll get to so see some pro skateboarders using a Banshee Bungee. Never heard of it?? Well watch this video, and find out about the Banshee Bungee .

For all of the music lovers out there you'll get a unique amount of music diversity in this video. To me the tracks where more electronic themed, and new age style . So even if your not a skater watch it to hear some new music you might not be as familiar with . Also if your into filming or Videography this video's a lesson on Hollywood style excellence. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did or at lest get some idea's for some new tricks . Thank's for reading, and here is a treat, the link so you don't have to find it yourself !

Track list
Excellent (Instrumental) -- Propaganda
Un Momento -- T-Mos
Vive Le Roi -- Five Knives
Sleepless -- Flume Future Classic
Vice Versa -- Alert 312
Knights of Shame -- AWOLNATION
Kill The Elephants (Instrumental) -- Alert 312


red bull perspective.jpeg

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