Rayah (Hardcore/Screamo)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Posted Aug 21, 2007.

BigSmileMagazine: hi my name is Jonny Havoc.
Rayah: Hey, it's Jeremy Jones, from Rayah

BigSmileMagazine: hi Jeremy, nice to meet you, you are the singer, what are the names of the other guys in the band and what do they do?
Rayah: Tim & Joel play guitar, Martin's the beat & Justin is our bassist at the moment

BigSmileMagazine: how long have you guys been a band?
Rayah: Rayah has been together for about 2 years now... Tim, Joel & I were in another band before this one for a few years

BigSmileMagazine: what was their band from before called?
Rayah: Vain Adorations

BigSmileMagazine: so your latest cd is called “let’s Drown Together” where is being distrobuted?
Rayah: We just had it released in local Hot Topics actually

BigSmileMagazine: oh wow, how is that going for you guys?
Rayah: Really good... They've taken a lot of interest in us

BigSmileMagazine: When was this cd recorded?
Rayah: We recorded that cd almost a year and a half ago now. We've got a lot of new music that we're hoping to get recorded for a new cd soon, but Let's Drown Together was a lot of fun & has some of our favorite songs on it

BigSmileMagazine: i can see that you guys tour a lot and are their any plans for an upcoming tour?
Rayah: Yeah, we're heading up to Fresno at the end of this month for a week & then all the way back to Chicago this Nov

BigSmileMagazine: How was it playing at CBGB's?
Rayah: It was amazing! Just to think of all the talent & history that we shared the stage with... & now no one will ever have that chance again
BigSmileMagazine: i know, its sad.
Rayah: I just can't believe that they actually got rid of it
BigSmileMagazine: i know
Rayah: did you head that they're moving it to Vegas?
BigSmileMagazine: i knew they they were moving somewhere but i didn't know where, is it for sure?
Rayah: That's what I've heard... Anyway... enough sad talk

BigSmileMagazine: What inspires you to write?
Rayah: Well, I've been writing since I can remember & some of my lyrics from when I was younger still make it into the songs. Mostly my lyrics are personal experiences that I've had to deal with in my own life, girls, friends, etc

BigSmileMagazine: those lyrics are the best and you can sing about them more passionately if you have experienced them personally
Rayah: oh: yeah... I guess most writers write from their own experience... I just like to think I write a little different

BigSmileMagazine: What religion are you and does it effect your music at all?
Rayah: We're all Christians in the band... but we're all in different walk of our faith. ...we have complete respect for religious people, but don't really express it on stage. We love to talk about our faith person to person though

BigSmileMagazine: you said that you have a bunch of new songs, how much different will it be from the cd you recorded about a year and a half ago?
Rayah: Well we've progressed a lot as a band & refined our sound. It's going to be a lot more of a solid sound. Our last cd was a mixture of quite a few genres. Basically, it'll be a really good representation of what Rayah has become

BigSmileMagazine: that's awesome and i cant waite!
Should our readers be expectation to read a album review on “let’s Drown Together” in big smile?
Rayah: I really hope so! Especially with it's release in HT coming soon

BigSmileMagazine: as a band i know its hard to be seen and i can tell that you guys have made some noise in he music scene and it takes a lot fo promoting. Do you guys have any promoting secrets or ideas that have worked for you the best that you would like to share with us?
Rayah: Well, we're a very personal band & we take a lot of responsibility of promoting. The worst thing about shows is the misconception that the band or the venue will do all the promotion.
You need to take it upon yourself to get it done. We print flyers for almost every show & pass them out in person. Also, Myspace has been a great tool for tour promoting, we have a good fan base & street team in a lot of states too

BigSmileMagazine: yea actually passing out flyers isn't something you see very often anymore.
Rayah: no, too many bands think they're above that... we just want everyone to know how much we want them to come to the show & see us play... after all, isn't that what it's all about?

BigSmileMagazine: indeed, Is their anything that you would like to say to your fans and friends reading this interview?
Rayah: We just can't thank you guys enough for your support over the years & we hope to have you there for a long time! For those of you hearing about us for the first time, we hope to see you at a show soon so we can meet you.

BigSmileMagazine: What do you think of Big Smile Magazine?
Rayah: You guys have been amazing to us. Very personal & down to earth... something that the music scene is really lacking lately. We can't wait to get our cd in to you guys for a review

BigSmileMagazine: Thanks for the great interview!

Rayah: Thank you very much!


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