Rayah @ Holy Chaos 12/8/07 (Hardcore)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Holy Chaos December 8th 2007 Written Dec 11, 2007.

Priests & Paramedics was the first band of the night. I got in to see the last 2 songs because the security had to pat everyone down and check pockets and bags. That was a little ridiculous, and didn't start letting people come in until about 7:15 and the show started at 7. None The Less I got to see 2 songs. They are a Pedro The Lion cover band with a drummer and a guitarist. They were amazing, pulled if off really well and still managed to keep a full sound with them two only. This was their first show and I think they are a great band and if they are playing in hollywood somewhere you should defiantly check them out.

Next was a band called I Am He. I Am He started in the same place they finished, big ol' stage to run around on and yet the performers didn't perform. Their music was as if they were a normal jr. high worship band that is trying to play shows. I don't know. There music was a little repetitious. They have been playing music for 3 years and I would expect a little more from them. There drummer was a little to showboatey for my taste, he couldn't seam to keep a steady beat.

Their was Abigail. Abigail was a hardcore. screamo Junior High band. The singer was screaming and it sounded like he has not hit puberty yet and it just was very amateur. But i give these guys 3 or 4 years with a lot of hard work and practice and a little bit of passion and they will be huge! There stage performance was medium, their over all sound was pretty good.

Fourth was Dandelion Council Dandelion Council makes music from a beat machine, lap top and some other things that make music that i wasn't to sure what they were. He reminds me a little of Postal Service just with out any singing or vocals. He was great but not a good mixture for this show. At a bar, club or even a house party this guy would be amazing.

I left after DC played. I don't know what the rest of the bands sounded like, except for Rayah. I missed then and I want to see them really bad. I already know without seeing them that they played a freaken awesome show. www.myspace.com/rayahmusic

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