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Hey, it's Lele letting you all know that the second PUT UP OR SHUT UP: EMCEE ROYAL RUMBLE presented by 90s Era and Statement Records is coming up soon..... FEBRUARY 8TH! Local artists first took the ring this past January 4th and with a big crowd turn out. There will be guest performances from Cory Eaux, who was crowned the hottest emcee in the Burgh at the first EMCEE ROYAL RUMBLE, as well as Capitol L, Rude Boy, and Mic Menace. Come out for the the second RUMBLE, hosted by MISTA SCRAP and WORTH WYLE! Click link below to go to facebook event page:


It's going down at The Barber's Inn in Swissvale: 7434 Washington Street
Swissvale 15218
The show starts at 9PM and admission is $10 plus you get all the vodka you can drink with three drink tickets while it lasts. The show is all ages, but sorry kids, gotta be 21+ to drink.

If you are an emcee, you are just in time to register and get on your game for the rumble. If you are a rapper, this is a great way to put your name out there, get in some experience(you are never good enough to take advantage of some more experience), and you and your people to network. You gotta network. Trust, there aint gonna be too many networking possibilities for you going to a Jay Z show, unless you are personal acquintance or freestylin' and spittin' your verses outside of Consol and you miraculously draw a crowd AKA meaning you got what it takes. For all those kids, adults, and those kids that call themselves adults and your a rapper on the low, break out of your confines and enter. It is $20 for an artist to register for the event. The contest and prizes are as follows:

16 Bars Your own original song

16 Bars

16 Bars* Freestyle

Winners gets $100 cash and more...

To register, click the link below:

For the crowd.....

We all gotta get out there and support the local music here in Pittsburgh. There's a lot happening in our music industry with events, artists, and studios that a lot of music lover's don't know about. This little monologue about support is about bringing us all together, branching out, putting your face in the local hip hop scene, whether artist or lover, and realizing that there aren't only shows at Pittsburgh's big or popular "go to" venues like Stage AE, Consol, Smalls, Altar Bar, Club Café, Thunderbird, etc. I'm not at all knockin these venues because all those smaller ones I mentioned I've seen some of my favorite bands there, and large venues like Consol(last show I went to was actually still at Mellon....Eric Clapton! It was intense because during "Little Wing" a man sitting in front of us had a heart attack and died. Everyone was holding their chests, trying to catch their breathing up with their heart. It was like we saw this man leave this world. Intense.). The first time I went to Stage AE was to see George Clinton and the Parliment Funk. I was funked up and had a funkadelic time. If you know me, that's right how I like to be. Another Stage AE....PRIMUS! Altar Bar.....DIRTY HEADS(no drinking, smoke-free and 7 months pregnant)! Thunderbird...POKEY LA FARGE!

Embarassing moment to share alert! I won P-Funk, who I've seen about five times now that being the second time in the Burgh, tix on WAMO and had to do the WAMO shout out.....shaking my head. I knew I was gonna win these tix too. Needless to say, I heard myself on WAMO and sounded like I thought I would....just not cool. I was younger and not so sure about what I wanted then, but now I'd be like, "Yo, it's Lele and yall had no chance of gettin' these tix! I'll be gettin down to the P-Funk! Come get down with me! I'm Lele and I AM WAMO!" At least that's how I imagine it in my head. Ha ha!

Off of a tangent, but here's the segway. Have you been to a Mista Scrap show at The Barber's Inn? No. Have you been to a bunch of shows at barber shops like all the time? No. That is of course unless you are in a barber shop quartet and you're one of their followers OR late stand-up comic Mitch Hedburg's idea that there should be a death metal barber shop quartet(which im sure by now has been done. Isn't it sweet that in the Burgh we got this going on? Yes.

When Mista Scrap aint tryin' to start rumbles at The Barber's Inn, he's down there givin' you the best shape-up of your life! Go see Scrap during business hours because....
Damn! You look like a football player who's lost his contract!

.....FIX THAT.

Peace n love,

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