Purity - The Rise Of The Fallen (Metal/Hardcore)

Written by rickmurder

Purity - The Rise Of The Fallen
Posted Apr 14, 2007

Ok kids time for another lesson on metal core. Ok what happens when you put breakdowns, brutal riffs, melodic soft vocals, with the essence of black metal? you get a plethera of senses tinglying wall of music called Purity. I had the chance to see these cats live and let just say that they sound as good or even better live, but I am not here to talk about them live. Back to the album it's AMAZING, it has a very clean and crisp recording with thick chunky bass to connect everthing together. I am a sucker for really really brutal breakdowns and this band delivers just that but they are not just breakdown after breakdown at all. They have amazing melodic parts that the vocalist just shows his amazing ability to go from a raspy guteral scream to a tranquil harmony of lyrics to tickle your ears. I have thoughly listened to this album and I can't find a part I don't like. It's an album that you can't stop listening to and you can't sit still or drive slowly to. It will make you want to anialate anything in your path you know mom, cat, sister, lamp, whatever, you can't deny the fact that it just brings out the animal inside of you. Which makes me to my closure. This album kids isn't one you can go without. I mean it! If you are romtely a fan of anykind of metal or metal core etc. then you need this album it will be your new favorite addiction, I can't stop listening to it.

(1-10 Ten = Amazing)
Breakdowns: 10
Riffs: 9
Melody: 10
Vocals: 10
Production: 10
Mosh: 10+

Would I reconmend it? I would have to be stupid not to!

Sounds like? It's very versital so this is a hard question. I would have to say trivium, killswitch engag, in flames, children of bodom, as I lay dying, it dies today. Ok thats enough for now

keep the scene alive, much love



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