Purity @ Whiskey a Go Go 8/19/07 (Metal/Hardcore)

Written by Jonny Havoc

A Little to much Whisky a Go Go Purity, Needle Mouth, Grime Field

Written Aug 19, 2007

The night started off with a bang! Josh and I Arrived their a little late, we just missed WARHEAD as we walked in. The Whisky didn't let me bring in a pen for my show review nor did they let us bring in any flyers or our recorder to do interviews with so that made us a little bit later.

NEEDLEMOUTH played second and I think they should of been a headlining band. They were a 6 person band with a keyboardist/drum machine guy and a violinist that totally rocked out. The violinist really added a great and unique sound that you cant get from guitar pedals. Their vocalist and front man which I didn't get a chance to get his name but his voice was amazing, he hit a wide range of tones. These guys were NuMetal, kind of reminded me of SlipKnot and Mudvayne, but they most defiantly have their own sound and style. They all wore dark grey pants and jackets they matched, Black paint all over their faces, each guy different. They reminded me of ghost busters a little bit. I would most defiantly see these guys again.

GRIMEFIELD played third starting out a little slow, at first I wasn't to impressed and by about their second song they found their groove and the rest of the set was awesome. The drummer Brett Batford was amazingly fast. Wooha his hands were everywhere and the double bass just hummed in my ears. The vocalist also used a petal board to give his vocals some different sounds and echoes and I really liked that, it sounded really great. They had a guest appearance from one of the guys from Kill Them Mocking Bird. These guys were also great and I would love to see them again...

CENTOX was fourth on the bill. Centox defiantly didn't float my boat, they are more of a rock band then metal. They were to slow for me and just not impressive. Although their bass played awesome, you can tell he had a big influence from Tool. Other than that, I wouldn't ever see these guys again!

IRATE was the sixth band to play and by this time she show was all going down hill, people were thinning out and this band irate was horrible. As far as their sound goes it was ok for a metal band but as far as the lyrics, they were dumbed down and pointless. Cuss word after cuss word and weed is all that came from this bands mouth. I was not impressed with this band and I most defiantly wont see these guys again and don't recommend you see them either.

PURITY was the last band they we saw before we left. Once again they played an amazing set, with an awesome mix of metal and hardcore. Guitarwips and great vocals, it was a shame there was no moshing allowed. I was mad that a lot of the people left when irate was playing so purity didn't get the crowed they were supposed to have. I would most defiantly recommend seeing this band live. They put on a great show!!!!

PROJECT INDEPENDENT. They put on the show tonight at the whisky. They are really making the metal scene bigger and stronger and booking some great shows and tours, check them out www.ProjectIndependent.com

NO MOSHING. I talked to a friend that goes to the whisky a lot, and he told me why they banned moshing. He said "It's because their was a big fight a few weeks ago, and it's a way to punish the people is by not letting them mosh. It makes since, I'm just mad at that one guy for ruining it for the rest of us. As far as the no flyers, no pens, no gum, no stickers, nothing that records, I think they forgot that it's a venue. who knows?

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