PURITY @ Showcase Theatre 4/7/07 (Metal/Hardcore)

Written by rickmurder

PURITY, Sing Of The End, Cheva, Pariah & Zippy The Pig @ Showcase Theatre, Corona. Written Apr 7, 2007.

It was a pretty small crowd to start off with when Josh, Jon and I rolled up to the show in wonderful Corona California. The venue that awaited us is called the Showcase Theater, a pretty basic venue bigger than chain reaction but about the same smell (ahh home). The first band that crisened the night with there music was called Zippy The Pig. They were to as I say "cookie cutter metal core" they just weren't that orginal so I wasn't to impressed the name on the other hand freakin og! One good thing is that the band knew how to do breakdowns so it was fun to shred some pit for them.

The next band that was destened to play is called Sing Of The End. I have heard some fuzz about this band around Orange County so I was pretty stocked to hear them play. They brought the mosh but before I get into more details I do have to say that they had one of the best intros I have ever heard a band ever do they had the mortal combat theme playing so it was rad. Which got the crowd in a ready to mosh mood for sure. As soon as the sound clip ended the band erupted into a insane breakdown making the whole room transform into a fist swinging, spin kicking mob. It was amazing. The band did have some pretty clique moments but they still had a lot of orginality which made it enjoyable to listen to. The crowd has grown almost doubling in size by now. So this medium sized venue is starting to pack out. So the next band hits the stage with an extremely overexagerated set up time, that made me almost immediately turned off from the band, it was annoying. I did judge too quickly. They weren't much of a pit band but over all good music to listen to, but still didn't do it for me not because they didn't have brutal breakdowns but they didn't have that orginal sound that everyone is seeking, the band had pop punk moments with some mix of metal and two singers which was totally rad. Some say that actions speak louder than words and the crowd spoke by walking outside instead fo watching the band which means it isn't either the right qenre or well "you suck" to put it simple that night I couldn't tell which one it was. But before I knew there set was done and people began to trickle back into the main floor of the venue. I was up in the balcony waiting for the next band to set up and changing the roll of film of my camera.

The next band did get set up pretty quickly and got on with the show. The lead vocalist stuck out in my mind the most because he reminded me a lot of the lead singer of drowning pool just more metal and well he had high pitch scream that shreded the mosh pit as well as the guitars. these guys had a really good sound to them had fun melodic metal parts that came with soft vocals and in your face metal moments that got everyone moving side to side in the pit. they put on a pretty long set and the crowd seemed to be glued to there performance because I could have sworn that the place got even more crowded. So I give Cheva a thumbs up for sure.

The headlining band Purity started to set up the place was pretty full the pit area was empty because people were pretty intimidated by the six five guys ready to rumble, and that they did as soon as Purity got into the first song a fight erupted. I mean I have been to lots of shows but usall fights start half way through a set not in the first minute. I knew that the rest of the set was going to be sick. I was not dissapointed for a second by Purity's performance. I found my self in the pit for most there set either throwing down or being launched across the room. Which to me when there is a lot of crowd participation that reflects the quality of music because people wont move if they don't like what they hear "am I right?" they weren't more than 3/4 way through there when two more fights started, man it was nuts! Purity freakin brought it and I see why they headlined the show. Over all this show was very enjoyable the moshing was good the other peeps at the show were chill the bands were chill the show I would give it a 8 on a scale 1 to 10. Check out the Album Review of Purity to get the feel of what they sounded like, but I do give a shout out to the other bands that played.



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