Punk Goes Acoustic (Acoustic/Punk)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Punk Goes Acoustic
Written Apr 30, 2008.

Jacks Mannequin “Bruised”
The Audition “Don’t Be So Hard”
+44 “Baby Come On” Daphne Loves Derby “Sun”
Say Anything “”Woe”
Alesana “Apology”
All Time Low “Jasey Rae”
Silverstein “Red Light Pledge”
All American Rejects “Night Drive”
Mayday Parade “Three Cheers For Five Years”
The Spill Canvas “Staplegunned”
Relient K “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been"
Anti-Flag “Welcome To 1984”
Sherwood “The Only Song”
Set Your Goals “Echoes”

All of these songs sound a lot different than how they play normally, all of these band put in a lot of effort into these songs and when your listening to this CD you can really tell. Out of all these bands I think I would like to see +44, Alesana, Set Your Goals and Jacks Mannequin should come out with a full acoustic CD or play an acoustic show sometime. These 4 bands really impressed me with their acoustic ability!! You can check out this CD and some of these bands at:

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