Primavera (Indie/Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Posted 4 years ago, Jun 30, 2008, by Jonny Havoc!.

Hello Primavera, How is everything going?
Everything is going great. We are recording a new record at the moment which we are extremally proud of. Also we are getting ready to hit the road.

What exactly does your band name mean? Our band is named after a story called Primavera by Jessica's favorite author.

How long have you been a band? Lyle and Jessica formed the band in the fall of 2006.

You had a few line up changes over the bands life, how has that effected your band?
The line-up changes have been for the best we wouldn't be where we are if we didn't have those changes.

Your guys have an E.P. out right now, that it's title and where can we get a copy?
Yeah it came out in 2007 and its a self titled ep. You can purchase it on itunes or on or on our online store.

You have a big tour coming up how do you think that's going to play out?
We are looking forward to touring all summer. We hope to gain as many fans as possible.
I want to hear your best tour story, every band has one...
haha this is our first tour as the band Primavera. But get back to us at the end of summer and im sure we will have a few good stories for you.

Could you tell me what a day on the road is like for you guys?
From past experiences it consists of a lot of driving, eating horrible food, and just living it up.
You have a ton of fans and are doing really well in the music scene and I want to know your secret along with most other bands out there want to know too.
We just keep in contact with our fans and let them know whats going on with updates and we are just being ourselves writing music we enjoy thats the most important thing and people will hopefully see that.
Do you believe in UFO's?
Anything that you would like to say to all your fans reading this interview?
We hope to see you all soon on the road and thanks for supporting us. We wouldn't go anywhere without you.
What do you think of Big Smile Magazine?
I think you guys are doing a great thing and have something good going on for your readers.

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