Pretty Sweet

Written by sketchydave

Title: Pretty Sweet
Runtime: 01:18
Company: Girl/Chocolate 
Produced by: Ty Evans
Pretty Sweet.jpeg
               Pretty Sweet

Skaters: Alex Olson, Brandon Biebel, Brian Anderson, Chico Brenes, Chris Roberts, Cory Kennedy, Daniel Castillo, Elijah Berle, Eric Koston, Gino Iannucci, Guy Mariano, Jeron Wilson,Jesus Fernandez,Justin Eldridge, Kenny Anderson ,Marc Johnson, Mike Carroll, Mike Mo Capaldi,Raven Tershy, Rick Howard, Rick McCrank, Sean Malto, Stevie Perez, Vincent Alvarez

This review is a good bit late coming out, but I feel like it needed to be done. Pretty Sweet came out a little over a year ago, and set the skateboard world ablaze with
chatter about it. Up until recently I hadn’t seen it, and wondered if it would live up to the hype that it’s release had produced. . . . . . In my opinion it is one of the best
skate videos to come out in the past decade or so. The Chocolate and Girl Skateboard companies put together an amazing team of skaters to tackle the task of making a
skateboard film to be remembered.

I say skateboard film, because they managed to outdo Red Bull’s Perspective in cinematic quality and length of film. At the same time die hard skateboarding fans
will enjoy this video for sheer volume and quality of the skating in Pretty Sweet. To me even if you don’t skate you will enjoy watching this video because the skating
and effects used are mind blowing. If you love music whether mainstream sounding are underground I feel that you will find at least some track in this video that you
will enjoy. I personally thought the music matched each skater’s style very well.
(Spoiler! If you like Jack Black you’ll be in for a treat .)

Two parts stuck out to me a little more than the others Raven Tershy and Cory Kennedy. Both of which have their own unique style which shines bright in their video

parts. Cory though demolished ledges,gaps, and rails his whole video part. Raven though comes through with a skate fast fall faster style. His mastery of transition
skating lets him skate obstacles others wouldn't consider skating with a die hard intensity. Among my group of friends we have disagreed about whose part was the
best. So if yours is different leave a comment and tell me which you thought thrashed the hardest! Make sure to get yourself a copy of the DVD, because you are very
unlikely to find this one online . Girl/Chocolate have made sure to keep the money coming into the companies by having you actually buy it or borrow a physical copy.

You also can download it on Itunes if it's easier for you.

Thank you for reading this review on Pretty Sweet , and if you get the chance check out the previous reviews leave some comments. Show some love or hate either
way I would love to hear some feedback ! Ride Or Die carry on.

Track List
Intro - EMA - California
HD/Special FX Montage - Maximum Hedrum - Synthesize
Vincent Alvarez #1 - Suicidal Tendencies - Suicide's An Alternative/You'll Be Sorry
Vincent Alvarez #2 - NWA - Straight Outta Compton
Vincent Alvarez #3 - Trujillo Trio - Trunk Boyz
Cory Kennedy - Bob Seger - Night Moves
Will Arnett Skit
Raven Tershy - Mercyful Fate - Gypsy
Mike Mo Capaldi - Fitz & the Tantrums - Moneygrabber
Jeron Wilson & Brandon Biebel - Meek Mill & Rick Ross - Tupac Back
Suit Skit - Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Kenny Anderson, Gino Iannucci, Daniel Castillo,
Chris Roberts & Justin Eldridge #1 - Zoobof & Vic-20 - Snitches is For NUTes
Kenny Anderson, Gino Iannucci, Daniel Castillo,
Chris Roberts & Justin Eldridge #2 - Justice - On and On
Stevie Perez - The Bar-Kays - Holy Ghost
Alex Olson, Mike Carroll, Rick McCrank & Brian
Anderson - Beastie Boys - Looking Down the Barrell of a Gun
Jesus Fernandez & Chico Brenes - Gypsy Kings - Hotel California
Elijah Berle #1 - Bad Brains - Right Brigade
Elijah Berle #2 - Suicidal Tendencies - I Want More
Marc Johnson - David Bowie - Five Years
Sean Malto - Justice - New Lands
Guy Mariano & Eric Koston - Lissie - Pursuit of Happiness
Credits #1 - Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill
Credits #2 - Zoobof & Vic-20 - Legends
Trailer - Rainbow Arabia - Without You
Bonus #1 - Zoobof - The Bounce
Bonus #2 - She Wants Revenge - Kiss The Night Away
Bonus #3 - Andre Nickatina - Bay Thang
Bonus #4 - Andre Nickatina & Smoov-E - Come For Me
Bonus #5 - Pepper Rabbit - Harvest Moon
Bonus #6 - Alberto Bof & Rudy Johnson - JesusYChico
Bonus #7 - The 2 Bears - Warm & Easy
Bonus #8 - Zoobof - The Chinese Man Song
Bonus #9 - Calamity Cubes - Skateboard Hips

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