Power Movement Project - Belief Upon Arrival

Written by Josh Snider

Posted Jun 1, 2005, by Josh Snider.

This group has been featured on MTV’s University (college MTV), FOX SPORTS 54321 (mobile skate park series). And have opened for Busta Rymes, Fishbone, Eek-A-Mouse, Bone Thugs, and many more. The CD took about three months to record. It was produced by Frank Marchand (Jimmies Chicken Shack). The band had a blast recording, and was living the rock and roll life style the whole time.
Through their music, PMP is saying that no matter what vocals are on a track or what genre you get placed the music in. It has to be 100% original! No songs can sound the same! PMP is made up of VERY different musical backgrounds. They are influenced by musicians from The Police to OutKast to Primus and so on, but together it all works. Lyrically I think they are trying to say that mentally, musically, and spiritually this planet needs a change! A revolution of the masses, and a positive awakening. The only outlet is music, they have no political ties or stuff like that to voice their word, so they do it through the MOVEMENT!
You can check out their website at computethemadness.com and also buy the CD online or find out where to get it in a music store near you.



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