Portugal The Man + @ The Glass House 5/5/07

Written by Big Smile Staff

Poison The Well, Portugal The Man, Fear Before The March Of Flames, Heavy Heavy Low Low At The Glass House, Pomona, CA 5/5/07

Posted May 5, 2007, by Big Hoss.

It was just another day in lovely Pomona, James Ransom and I rolled up to the glass house to meet with Portugal the man’s tour manager Ian Shaw to do in interview with the band and they were already doing an interview when we arrived so we just chilled backstage and walked around the place and went to the rockett clothing store a few doors down. Finally it was our turn to do an interview and it went pretty good the guys were nice and all after that I met back up with Ian to see if I can get an interview with Poison The Well and just my luck I did, I got the chance to interview Ryan Primack and that went good as well, both of these interviews can be read in the interview section so check it out.

The first to stir up the crowd was Heavy Heavy Low Low and boy did they do a good job, right when they started a pit just opened up right away there was no time for standing around with these guys. Their music is not the typical hardcore music they really put a twist on things I like to call it unsafe music to kind of describe it, is you don’t go back to the same chorus or verse and you play wildly and it completely makes it sound like nothing out there but good at the same time I think you would have to listen to them yourself to kind of get what im talking about, its hard to put it in words but they put on a great show and a great set and just had the crowd going the whole time so check these guys out at www.myspace.com/heavyheavylowlow and give them a listen.

Next to throw down on stage was Fear Before The March OF Flames they are a experimental/indie band from Aurora Colorado. But they also know how to lay down the heavy stuff. For this band I think the whole floor was a huge mosh pit it was insane. I think there music is pretty awesome, my favorite song is called “mouth” just that song alone is amazing by its self and very catchy and just an all around good song and I think every one should check these guys out, you can on myspace at www.myspace.com/marchofflames they put on a great show and set so check them out.

Next up was Portugal The Man they are from Wasilla Alaska they were good but I wasn’t to in to there music its just not I don’t know how to describe it, its not horrible but I don’t know how to say it if you want to experience for your self go to www.myspace.com/portugaltheman and listen to them its crazy.

And last on the List was Poison The Well now these guys know how to put on a show the whole place again was one giant circle pit and people were moshing it up nonstop it was an amazing site to see just like 200 people just going insane. These guys played for a good 45 minutes and it was an awesome 45 minutes at that. These guys have been around for a while now and they have just been making the same music they have been since they started up and they just released a new cd called Versions you should pick it up and give it a try I don’t think you will be disappointed if you like fast punk rock and some metal you can also check them out at www.myspace.com/poisonthewell 4 good bands one good night! Check them all out.

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