Pogofest June 3, 2007

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jun 8, 2007, by ME.

A punk matinee. WTF? I missed half the show because we were drinking in the parking lot. It's awkward trying to get drunk while the sun is still out. Parked next to us was Narcoleptic Youth. How awesome!!! got to chat with some of the members. We finally made it in. Urban Decay was the first band I saw. If you don't know by now, Urban Decay consists of ex-Thretning Verse members. I think they are better than Thretning Verse. They played some old songs and the new stuff is great too.The Voids came on next. They played the usual. L.A.P.D. still gets the pit and crowd going. Check them out if you haven't by now. I thought Resilience was headlining, but I was wrong. Finally I get to see them. I miss them everytime they come around. Great band, great show, and great pits. If you like your punk loud, fast, and working class based then you should listen to Resilience and Never Give In!! I guess all the "real" punx left after Resilience cause by the time Narcoleptic Youth played, half the kids were gone. I guess NY is too punk. Felon and Child Molester was all I needed to hear. They played the jams and all the people who left are missing out on a unique band. I mean come on "Barbi in Bondage." I don't hear that coming from the Partisans. Don't get me wrong, the Partisans are great, but switch it up or else it gets boring. Overall, an oustanding show. Props to Panik Records.

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