Pickaxe - The Best Of Us Didn't Make It Out Alive

Written by rickmurder

Pickaxe - The Best Of Us Didn't Make It Out Alive
Posted Sep 16, 2010.

I would call Pickaxe pure southern rock with that dirty south metal elements in it. The entire CD is extremely rhythmic and not very choppy like you would normally see in metal core or black metal. Each song is full of great riffs and melodic head banging segments. There is really no screaming or growling involved which gives it a “Clutch”, “Rob Zombie”’,” Black Sabbath” feel to each track. The guitarist are dead on timing which adds a lot of kick to the melody and allows for a huge full sound for each solo that is played. It is enjoyable because that have some interesting audio clips thrown in to give a sound some meaning or help tell the story before the track. One part has a quote that sounds like from an old movie saying how “they eat the living to survive” then right into a head banging song. The very first song gives a Southern Louisiana backwoods on a porch hanging out with gators singing a song about selling your soul to the devil. Only downside about this album it does become slightly redundant by the last track. Seems all the focus was the first half of the CD and last bit was on the fly. With that being said overall it’s and excellent CD. I would recommend it if your into the bands that I listed earlier or just a metal fan at all.



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