Perry Fowler

Written by Jonny Havoc

Perry Fowler
Posted Jan 9, 2008.

Hi, Perry Fowler, my name is Jonny Havoc.

Do you just play guitar or do you play any other instruments in the band?

Well there's not really a band, just me. I play guitar and harmonica. I have a few friends that I get to join me on recordings and some shows.

I’m listening to your music right now and I love it. I want to know where do you get your inspiration and momentum to write and sing?

I get my inspiration from all over. I wish I knew how and when a song comes but I don't. They just come and go.

What are some of your favorite bands when you were growing up?

The first tape that I can remember listening to a lot as a kid was The Best of The Jackson 5 - that and country music radio. As a teen I was into a lot of grunge and hip-hop. Now I listen to pretty much all I can.

What band has most influenced to your music right now?

I'd say my biggest influences are the bands and other artists that I'm friends with and have played a lot of shows with.

What are some of your shows coming up soon?

I have a big show coming up on January 11th for the release of my CD, "Vs. The Red Robot." I'm also planning to do a couple of small tours in March and April.

Do you have a CD out right now?


What is the title and could you tell us a little about it?

Vs. The Red Robot (2007) It's my first official release.

Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans reading this interview?

Thanks for all your support so far.

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Vs. the Red Robot - Perry Fowler



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