Paper + Plastick Records Signs The Shell Corporation

Written by Jonny Havoc
<br>Paper + Plastick Records Signs The Shell Corporation; Band to Release Mandrake February 25<br><br>Paper + Plastick Records is kicking off 2014 with the signing of California-based punk outfit The Shell Corporation. The group will release its sop#re full-length, Mandrake, via Paper + Plastick Records on February 25. The full-length will see a vinyl release on April 1.<br><br>This Burbank quartet has only been around since 2011, but they wasted no time making an imprint in punk circles with a heavy touring schedule and the releases of their Force Majeure LP and Time &amp; Pressure EP via Solidarity Recordings. Mandrake ups the ante from those two releases and The Shell Corporation is out to prove that it belongs in any conversation about the best new bands in punk rock. <br><br>The band has released a teaser video, which can be seen on their website (also YouTube: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a> ), featuring a clip of new music from Mandrake. Additionally, in an effort to introduce new listeners, the group has put up its Time &amp; Pressure EP for free download on Bandcamp. The Shell Corporation is recommended for fans of Bad Religion, Propagandhi, The Clash, Anti-Flag, No Use For A Name, or any punk rock with a melodic sensibility.<br><br>Mandrake was recorded in the fall of 2013 at The Lighthouse Recording with producer Chris Hesse in Woodland Hills, CA and it was mastered by Stephen Egerton. The Shell Corporation will be announcing a tour and releasing a brand-new song in the near future, so keep an eye out!<br><br>The Shell Corporation &#x2013; Mandrake<br>February 25, 2014<br>Paper + Plastick Records<br>Teaser video<br><br>1. Appetite for Distraction<br>2. The Death of Us<br>3. Remember, Remember<br>4. Trust Us<br>5. Hear Them Wail<br>6. Even Bob Vila Couldn&#x2019;t Fix This Old House<br>7. Bombs Away [The Police cover]<br>8. Maguire&#x2019;s Plea<br>9. 60 Hours<br>10. The Message<br>11. Perfect World<br><br>More about The Shell Corporation:<br>1. The Shell Corporation is Jan Drees, Curtiss Lopez, Seantonamo Bay and Jake Margolis. Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Drums, respectively.<br>2. The Shell Corporation started in 2011 and is from Burbank, California where The Tonight Show is filmed.<br>3. The Shell Corporation bears live young which crawl from the mother&apos;s womb to a small pouch where the newborn completes gestation.<br>4. The Shell Corporation has thus far released a full length (Force Majeure), an EP (Time &amp; Pressure), a 7&quot; (Bread &amp; Circuses) and a split 7&#x201D; (with The Mighty Fine).<br>5. A group of the Shell Corporations is called a plethora.<br>6. The Shell Corporation tours a lot, and will probably be playing near you soon.<br>7. The Shell Corporation has a new record coming out on Paper + Plastick Records. It will be released on February 25 (Digital) &amp; April 1 (Vinyl). It&apos;s called Mandrake.<br>8. The Shell Corporation, when threatened, will spray its attackers with a pungent chemical emitted from glands near its BACK END.<br>9. The Shell Corporation hates writing band bios.<br><br><div class="post_attachments"><b>Attachments:</b><br><br><blockquote><a href="/attachment/download/961"><img src="//" alt="ImageUploadedByProBoards.jpg"></a><br><br><a href="/attachment/download/962"><img src="//" alt="ImageUploadedByProBoards.jpg"></a><br><br><a href="/attachment/download/963"><img src="//" alt="ImageUploadedByProBoards.jpg"></a><br><br></blockquote></div>

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