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Posted Dec 8, 2006, by Greg Favello.

Greg - Guitar
Scott - Guitar/Vox
Eric - Bass/Back-up Vox
Christian - drummer
Matt - Growler
You're coming out with a new cd. How was it making your 2nd full-length cd?

We haven't recorded it yet. Just writing a crap load and playing a few shows and testing out the new songs. We got some pretty promising news about recording coming up, but its not finalized yet so there will be more on that later.

How did you decide on the bands name?

Just picked the 2 stupidest words that would fit together and there you go. We've thought about changing it plenty of times but that would just create mass hysteria, and that's not ever good.

What is your favorite venue to play at?

Probably chain reaction in Anaheim just because that's like our hometown venue. Were most comfortable there, the dudes know us, we can have a good time and just rock it there. They don't get mad about the excessive beer cans we leave in their parking lot either...

Where was your best show and why was it the best?

I think when we played our last show of our U.S. tour last year...we were on the road for about 2 months and we hadn't played our hometown in over 3 months and a couple mins. After opening the doors, they posted a sold out show sign on the door and that just freaked us out. We were running around like ROB SCHNEIDER bags, if they can even run...maybe we were flopping around liked a used ROB SCHNEIDER...but anyways that was at chain reaction and its just been a party when we play there ever since.

If you cold play with any 3 or 4 bands who would they be and where would you want to play?

Limp Bizkit, KoRn, Alien Ant Farm, all at the sold out weenie roast!!!

How do you come up with most of your lyrics?

That's all the crazy inter-workings of Matt's head.

What do you think is the best part about being your band?

The endless amount of underage poon tang!!! Ive never seen so much in one place other than our shows, and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way hahaha...im not a creep tho!!

Why do you play and what keeps you playing?

I think when it started it was just something to do after school and it was just fun. After we started playing shows and setting up tours, it just kept progressing like anything else. We started getting label attention, and then recording a record and playing more shows, and now it's just like a job almost. But we wouldn't trade it in for anything, were all having too much fun with this!!

When you're on tour what do you do to stay busy?

Eat the worst food imaginable, or sleep...

What is your advice for bands just starting out?

I suggest to anyone starting a band or wanting to join a band NOT TO!!!! We don't need any more competition!!!! Haha no seriously just go for it and go full speed ahead. Don't depend on anyone to get your stuff done cuz it wont. Book your own stuff, get your demos out yourself, set up your own tours, and just get in the van and drive and enjoy it!

Anything you want to say to your fans?

Nothing more than they are the best and they know they rock and that's all that matters. We love 'em and will always love 'em. They have treated us very very well, and for that, we have a little surprise for then with this next cd and when it finally comes out!!!!

years the band has been togather.


shows played and any other random stuff like that.

wayyyyyyy too many shows to post, and i love lamp???



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