No One Goes Home @ Plush Cafe 9/2/07 (Pop/Punk)

Written by Jonny Havoc

The Plush Cafe - No One Goes Home, Zero Feet Away, 105 Fuego, Letters Burning, Lido Beach

Written Sep 2, 2007.

The night started with Josh and I Ariving to The Alley only to find out that they cancelled the show and they had to move it to the Plush Cafe. We got to the Plush Cafe and got right into an interview with the singer and guitarist from Lido Beach.

The show started with a band called Letters Burning. They were an indy rock band with good energy and stage performance. This band had a lot of influances like Nirvana which anyone can appreciate.

Next was Zero Feet Away! ZFA is most deffently a band that you can see going far later down the line but right now are a little amature and like a new band. They have a earley Fenix TX and Sugar Cult sound and feel to them. But for being an amature band that had some of the best stage performance out of all the bands that played tonight for how small the stage was. I would deffently recomend checking these guys out because they will blow up before you know it!

Just after ZFA played we went ourside and did an interview with Tall from Letter Burning. It should be up in a few days.

Third was a band called 105 Fuego, They are a punk, ska-ish, rock band that did not impress me at all. They were stiff on stage. Their music was a little jumpy from genre to genre and I think they need a little bit more practice before I would want to see them again.

Lido Beach was the 4th band to play tonight. Right now they dont have set band members yet so the first 2 songs they used the drummer Jonny from No One Goes Home and the other songs had a few different drummers. Even though they switched a few people during the set they managed to keep the same sound through out the whole night. LB reminded me of a mix between Violent Fems, Nirvana and the Actual. They had great stage performance and i cant waite to see them with a solid line up. check these guys out, their interview should be up soon.

No One Goes Home
I've interviewed this band before, have talked to them countless times and promote with them all the time and still this was my first time seeing them live. They were everything that i expected. Fun, had the crowds full attention and played some great music with fantastic enthusiasm. They have catchy songs, crowd of girls around them, Every song they all have perfect time which impressed me because the singer played guitar and plays the keyboard.
By far the best stage presence of the night!

After NOGH was over we went outside and within 5 minutes one of the guys from nogh was sitting on the wall with his acoustic guitar singing on the top of his lungs with everyone around him. It was an amazing thing to see.

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