NEXTDOOR (Punk/Alt/Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Posted Nov 15, 2011.

First off, I'd like to thank you guys for being on the Big Smile Magazine Comp. I've personally listened to your song a few hundred times. You guys fit perfectly on this CD. Thank You.

Your welcome, thank you for having us on the comp!

Who am I doing an interview with today?

This is Anthony I play bass and sing for my band Nextdoor.

Also in the band is:

Danny Molloy :: Guitar/Keys/Vocals

Jake Fight :: Drums/Vocals

Jon Ramirez :: Guitar/Vocals

So far you guys have released one 5 song E.P that was Self Titled, when was this released?

We released the E.P about a year ago

Where did you record your S/T E.P.? Who mixed it?

We recorded drums at Tommy lees studio in his house and our producer was Scott Stevens he was in a band called The Exies.

What are your plans for a new album? Anything we can expect soon or should we keep holding the suspense?

For our new album we already have been writing alot of songs and we get back in the studio to demo this Wednesday! we are going to release 2 or 3 songs in December hopefully!

On your website you have a link to request you on KROQ (106.7FM CA) have any of your songs been on the radio yet?

No none of our songs have been played on the radio yet but we keep sending in our BARNICLE for local onlys but they dont care about us ahaha so we try too encourage people too call and bug.. nothing yet!

Well, we'll see if we can help. Everyone reading this should go the website above and request them to Kroq.

What CD has been spinning a lot lately?

For me, Pink Floyd is spinning right now.

You guys are from Long Beach, California, do you ever see any famous artists?

We are from Long Beach and I have not seen anyone famous Except the drummer of No Doubt, he lived in the country club and I always see him driving around.

If you got the chance to have Snoop Dogg quest appear on one of your songs would you take it and what would you have him sing on what song?

Yea I would love for Snoop too rap over something we have! I'd say our song Strangers.

What are you guys websites and how can everyone find your music?

You can Download our music for Free at or buy it on Itunes. also like us on facebook heres the link Follow us on Twitter! and join our guest list on our website

Thanks so much for doing an interview with us, any last words to your fans reading this interview?

We are playing house of blues on dec.18th in Down town disney for toys for tots! come on out! =]

Occupy your life!



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