New EP Borderline Symphony_EP1

Written by Jonny Havoc

Hello all

We’ve got another release for you: Borderline Symphony
Borderline Symphony ist the project of Luca Pollioni. He was a one of the founder of Ikarus Records, played in different bands (The Haddocks, The Pilot..) and still plays guitar in our labelband The Circle Brothers.

The first EP of Borderline Symphony is called «EP1» and is going to be released on the 14th of February on Ikarus Records as a digital download and it will be for free!!! All five tracks are based on a classical arpeggio guitar. Nevertheless the songs turned out to be very diffrent with the arrangements: there is some warm sixties-pop, some electro-punk or dreamy arpeggio-wave, everything rather unconventionally arranged. Borderline Symphony make pop for people, that don't listen to pop. The «EP1» was recorded in autumn 2013 and mastered in December by Andrea Suriani at the Alpha Dept. Studio in Bologna.

You can download EP1 here:



Thank you very much.

Kind regards from Zürich without any snow
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