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On November 13, the trio Never Shout Never, dropped their latest album Indigo. I got a chance to talk with Cristofer Drew while he was at home, to talk about the album, some upcoming projects, and holiday plans. Now a days, it's much more easier to see an artist and think that they are selling out or changing their style. Some might say that musicians now, are somewhat high-strung. Their is a reason that I was once told by Panic At The Disco Frontman Brendon Urie, and Ryan Ross, of The Young Veins, at a concert a few years ago, "Never meet your idols. Because if they turn out to be GRASSHOLES, it'll suck."

However, talking with Cristofer Drew was a very relaxed, funny experience. He's a cool, down-to-earth guy who really just wants to make music, have fun, and smile. It was my pleasure talking to him and interviewing him, and though the other two members, Taylor and Hayden, couldn't be there, there was nothing but nice things said about everything. Even when he talked about an upsetting moment in his life, he managed to come back powerful and strong. I personally, cannot wait for their next album, "Sunflower," to come out, because I'm sure it'll be just as powerful as Indigo.

Marina: You dropped "Indigo," last month. Did you do anything to celebrate? I hear that some bands actually have a ritual when an album of theirs comes out. Do you have any superstitions that you associate when a record of yours comes out?

CD: Actually we've been on tour a while, so not really. I've been taking a step back from everything because of some really hardcore partying.

Marina: Hardcore partying?

CD: Yeah, I used to do that, really hardcore stuff. I was pushing away the people that I loved; friends, family. I decided to step back from that and just be a little bit more relaxed with this album. We've been busy with touring too.

Marina: Yeah, you started touring a week after Indigo came out. Now that Christmas is rolling around, you only have a few more shows left, right?

CD: Yeah. Right now I'm at home in Joplin. The last shows are pretty low key. They are really small venues.

Marina: I dig it. So do you like playing smaller venues?

CD: It really makes me feel like I'm not some big-shot. I get to connect with my fans and it really is like magic. It's really fun to play.

Marina: So you're not on the road?

CD: Well the last shows are really close so I'm at home right now. I'm getting ready for the holidays.

Marina: The holidays, yeah. Are you doing anything for the holidays?

CD: Yeah, I'm going to spend Christmas with family and loved ones. I actually got a jacuzzi today, and it isn't hooked up or anything but it's going to be ready for New Years. I'll have a nice little New Years Party that thing. It's a seven-seater or something. So we're going to pop open some champagne and stuff.

Marina: That's really cool. Congrats. I'm going to do a bit of a curve here with the questions and go back to Indigo. I personally love the song "Lust." I think it's just an amazing song. Do you have a favorite?

CD: I actually love "Hazel Eyez." I love how it sounds rhythmically and the lyrics are really great. I really put myself into that song.

Marina: Yeah, the lyrics are pretty amazing. I have to say that, from a lot of music I listen to, a lot of the time I don't' think an artist puts themselves into their music. You really can tell with yours though, that a piece of you goes into it.

CD: Thank you. Yeah though, my writing style is very romantic…I'm a hopeful romantic, not a hopeless romantic.

For the rest of the questions, check out the video.

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