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Nevea Tears, Mikoto, Odd Project, Forever Wings Fold, Divided The Day, Broadway Calls
Posted Sep 18, 2007, by Cristal <3.


A great venue to be at on September 14th was Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California for Nevea Tears long awaited CD release "Run With The Hunted". This show had a serious line up that everyone who attended would be satisfied with many different styles of Hardcore, Screamo, Electronica, Rock and overall amazingness!

When Broadway Calls jumped on stage I totally didn't know what to expect from this adorable group of young men. Broadway Calls had a great up tempo beat which included some punk influences. Coming all the way from "the beaver state", Oregon, this Pop Punk band owned the stage even though most of the people in the venue probably hadn't heard of them till they booked this show but now have left a mark in the city of Anaheim. Lead vocalist, Ty, brought a familiar sounding set of vocals that reminded me of Dustin Kensrue of Thrice. Headlining band, Nevea Tears weren't the only one's to have had an album recently come out, Broadway Calls released their 14 song self titled CD in July so be sure to check that out on their website or even on

The band to stand out during the night had to be Divide The Day, a band obviously influenced by tough rockers Velvet Revolver. This pure Rock band knew how to entertain a crowd from just walking up on stage to removing their equipment off the stage. Divide The Day added a unique set to the Hardcore scene of Anaheim, CA with new songs from their album "Pretty Girls With Ugly Boys."

Next up was a band I've seen once before at The Alley, which I might add put on a great set was Forever Wings Fold. Adding a little more Hardcore to the scene, Forever Wings Fold began their set in great energy playing "Eat The Ground". Following their first song was a fan favorite "Between The Devil And The Deep". Several fans began a pit which included three young female fans which is always awesome to see. At one point when I was filming one of Forever Wings Fold's songs, lead man Mike, took ahold of my camera and started to film himself on stage. Now that's a rockstar. You can check this footage out on Myspace.

A band that I hear about all the time ever since I could remember was finally on stage before my eyes, Odd Project. What was great about seeing these guys was not only because of so much I've heard about the band, but also their vocalist, Michael, I had the privilege to work with him so it was nice to see him in action. Odd Project brought the heavier side of the night to not only the stage but also helped in invoking their fans to cause some damage. Odd Project is an overall amazing band to listen to especially when it's right before you. You get a combination of screaching vocals but slowly moves into a soothing voice. This deff made me a fan.

After Odd Project had ended their overly amazing set, the more then welcomed band Mikoto took over in their home venue of Chain Reaction. The fans in Anaheim, California made Mikoto feel right at home from the begining mic check to the last chord of their set. Mikoto was obviously the favorite of the night since they had the biggest pit of fans moshing and hardcore dancing during their Hardcore music and melodic vocals. Speaking of the vocals, they totally make you feel complete in the little world of Hardcore. There was so much movement on stage I couldn't believe Mikoto didn't run out of energy. Props to those guys. Be sure to catch them on tour with HORSE The Band.

Now was time for the CD release kings of the night, Nevea Tears. Even though I would have predicted a bigger crowd for such a night, it was just the right amount to kick start the begining of an amazing CD called "Run With The Hunted". Nevea Tears played several songs from their new CD "Run With The Hunted" which were awesome songs. The only thing that could have made this night just a tad better would have been if more people would have stayed to see what an amazing job these guys do on stage. Be sure to pick up their album "Run With The Hunted". You won't be dissapointed! Also check Nevea Tears coming to a city near you.

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