Namesake - Borders & Fences

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted May 4, 2012.


Featured Artists: Namesake;
Album Review: Borders & Fences
Band: Namesake
by: Joe Juliano

Are you familiar with the song “World’s Away”? If you don’t have satellite radio, chances are you haven’t. The song is by Namesake - a band from Atlanta, Georgia getting recognition for this up and coming hit single - “World’s Away”.

“World’s Away” is a pop punk rock instant hit. Backed by strong vocals and powerful guitars, the song rocks out reminding you “rock is not dead”. Instantly you’ll want more - thus “Borders & Fences - the first full length studio album (which was recorded in Orlando, FL with legendary producer James Paul Wisner) was made.

James Paul Wisner, (the producer behind bands such as New Found Glory, Paramore, and Dashboard Confessional) and Namesake weave magic together.

The album starts out with “Saturday” which is somewhat electronic. Don’t worry, if you can survive the opening 18 seconds of the song, you’re in for a treat. Much like the whole album, this is a pop punk rock track. Right after “Saturday” the hit single “World’s Away” - which at times, redefines the punk pop genre with a modern edge.

Songs such as “Here I Am”, “In Your Hands” and a few others continue in that mold but a few songs stand out for being creatively different. Some songs balance whiny emo with professional punk rock jams. A similar blend was done with Further Seems Forever’s indie rock / emo sound - which coincidently is another James Paul Wisner produced band.

Track 7 - “Time Of Our Lives” is very reminiscent of punk music from the late 1990’s - early 2000’s. Listening to the song is like taking a trip down memory lane. It feels like old school Yellowcard, minus the violin (pre Ocean Avenue). It’s an amazing track that reminds one of the good old days 10+ years ago.

“Look Me Up” and “The Movement” are both piano heavy. They instantly remind you of Something Corporate - which for this reviewer, I personally enjoyed (especially “The Movement” which happens to be my favorite song on the album). Both of these tracks are slower songs - “Look Me Up” being the slowest.

Creatively it feels there’s 2 of every song - 2 slower piano songs, 2 electronica punk songs, 2 emo / punk rock songs and so on, but the album weighs in with 11 tracks. The album closes with “Tragically” which is far different from any of the other songs. It’s darker and heavier in tune. It’s like switching from a latte to black coffee. The song feels like anger just building up that you’re holding inside.

Does the anger explode? Maybe on a second album but for now, the band seems well on their way to establishing their identity and creating a solid fan base. Namesake says their claim to fame is that all 5 members of the band share the same names as their fathers, (thus “Namesake), but that’s just a footnote in the overarching story of this band. A story that is still being written, and hopefully will be for a long time.

The band just finished touring with Eve 6 and is currently out with another like punk pop band - Quietdrive. After that they jump right into touring with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. No one knows for certain when the album Borders & Fences comes out but keep an eye out for it as there’s a variety of hits for all punk fans. Keep your ears open for “World’s Away”. Hopefully it will make it to FM radio soon - the single is on itunes. A music video was just filmed in March and should be making the rounds on TV soon as well.

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