MyChildren MyBride (Hardcore)

Written by Jonny Havoc

MyChildren MyBride
Posted Jun 3, 2011.

Hello MyChildren MyBride, How are you guys doing today?

Doing very well... Its been nice having a break before we take off for most of the summer!
Are you stoked to be going on tour soon?

VERY stoked... this tour has been in the works for years now... we're SO glad we finally get to co-headline with our good friends Impending Doom!!! We have so many friends and sponsors on board... its going to be a great time!
Were about a month before you embark on your upcoming tour "The Nocturnal Alliance Tour", what are some pre tour rituals?

hmm... pre-tour rituals... i think it differs for each member, but for me I try to get fit, and try to exercise to get ready for performing every night. The guys get here in about a week to start going over the new set list, and production work.
We all know that some crazy stuff happens on tour, so far what has been the craziest for you guys?

Wow, thats a hard question to answer... so many crazy things happen every single tour, its hard to narrow it down to one single event. Lets see... recently while on tour in Europe with The Chariot a few of us jumped train tracks, and had officials chasing us, and incoming trains heading at us... it was pretty nuts, i thought someone was getting arrested for sure.
Do you think you'll be able to top it on this tour?

I KNOW we'll be able to top it, we have 2 weeks in Canada planned for this tour, venturing through uncharted territory for both us and Doom, so something crazy is bound to take place!!!
What is one of your favorite venues to play live at?

We always agree that The White Rabbit in San Antonio, TX is one of our all time favorites. We've played there so many times, and every single time is always a night that we'll never forget. Theres so much passion for music in that town!
Tell us a little about your latest CD.

What do you want to know? :) Lost Boy was a record that we wrote and recorded in one month... We wanted to produce something in the moment, something fun live, and something thats catchier and more structured then any of our previous albums.
How is it being signed with Solid State Records?

Just like any label it has its ups and downs. They've been great parents in supporting our records over the years, we're proud to be part of the family.
Thanks guys for the awesome Big Smile Magazine interview. Any last words for your fans reading this interview

WE CANT WAIT for the Nocturnal Alliance tour, please come say hello, headbang, and throw those metal horns in the air for us!!! THANKS!!!



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