MxPx, Hawk Nelson +@ House Of Blues Anaheim 5/7/07

Written by Big Smile Staff

MxPx, Hawk Nelson, The Classic Crime, Sullivan and The Fold At House of Blues in Anaheim 5/7/07

Posted May 8, 2007, by Big Hoss.

Well the night started kind of good the guys at the box office were slow getting us our tickets off the guest list witch made us late for our interview with guitarist Tom Wisniewski of MxPx but after we finally got our tickets we had fun. Tom is a pretty cool guy to interview and talk with, the interview will be up in the interview section make sure to check it out!

Back inside Sullivan was getting ready to hit the stage, iv seen these guys live before they put on a great show but this was back when they released “hey im a ghost” but there new stuff id have to say is pretty interesting it’s a totally different sound but I guess that’s what you have to do now and days because stuff is just starting to all sound the same so they took the right turn on making a new different sound vocalist brooks has a unique voice all by its self its very high pitched but yet clean all at the same time. But they put on a great set none the less, they played all new songs and one old song so it was interesting to see what they had come up with through time and it came out really good I was totally stoked to hear it but check them out on myspace at

Next up was The Fold, these guys were pretty awesome, this was the first iv seen these guys or even heard of them, these guys rock live they put on a good show and I was in to them and so was the crowd, they started the good ol punk circle pit and some moshing to there fast beats and guitar riffs but definitely check these guys out! You can here on myspace at

The Classic Crime was on stage next and if you like punk/indie then you need to check these guys out because they have fast riffs and beats but they can slow it down to some awesome slow stuff, my favorite song they played was “The Fight” it’s a great song live very energetic and great to dance to. You should pick up there latest cd “Albatross” you can also check out a couple of songs off there new cd on myspace at but give these guys a listen they are well worth it.

Next on the Bill was Hawk Nelson, these guys are from Canada and they are a great band they put on a great show they actually had someone from the crowd come up on stage and do a kazoo solo and duet with the vocalist Jason Dunn it was great but if you like pop punk and rock then you need to check them out if you already haven’t. This is another band iv never heard of or listened to ever and I thought they were a great band so get on there myspace and check them out and listen to what they have on there myspace go to

And the headliner of the night was no other then MxPx, if you don’t know who this band is where have you been for the last 15 years because I consider these guys legends to the music industry Gods if you will for making the music that they do, the whole night the crowd just went wild nonstop but during a song guitarist Tom Wisniewski’s guitar had some trouble with the connection or something and it wouldn’t make any sound, but I guess that’s what you get for using a wireless system. Later on in the night the band had two fans come up on stage and play the song “Doing Time” they actually did ok it wasn't good but it wasn’t bad so you got to give them props for getting up on stage and rocking out to an MxPx song. Earlier that night the band had announced that drummer Yuri Ruley would not be attending the show because he’s going to be a father, that’s right his wife is having a baby so he couldn’t be there so Congratulations to Yuri and his wife! But the fill in drummer was just as good. As soon as they finished there set the crowd cheered for an encore and you know they came back out and did what they do best and just rocked the house some more. If you have never seen this band then you need to get out to one of there shows wile there on tour. Their new cd comes out July 17th 2007 its called “Secret Weapon” pick it up at best buy or your local record store. You can hear some of the new tracks on their myspace at or you can go to their web site at but overall this was a great show and 5 great bands check them all out!



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