Murder City Devils at The Henry Fonda Theatre

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted May 21, 2010, by ME.


Featured Artists: Murder City Devils; Genre: Rock;
On the windy and some what chilly day of April 30, 2010, my friend Alex and I drove all of 10 miles to see The Murder City Devils and Constant Lovers at the newly remodeled Henry Fonda Theatre. After being tripple checked by security, we finally made it into the venue. I must say, the new Fonda looks rather appealing, but nothing can beat the original décor of the Fonda before. We did arrive late so we only caught the last song from Constant Lovers so I can't give an accurate review of their performance that night.

Around 10:30 p.m. I believe, The Murder City Devils were ready to hit the stage. As we were heading to the floor, the first song I heard was "I Want a Lot Now (So Come On)." Then they played my favorite Murder City Devils song "18 Wheels." That’s when I decided I needed to be closer to the band. After breaking the ice, The Murder City Devils decided it was time to dance, so with that comes "Dance Hall Music," "Dancin’ Shoes," and "Get Off The Floor." They also played a lot of songs off their 2000 In Name and Blood release like "Drink The Wine," "Idle Hands," "Somebody Else's Baby", "Fields of Fire," and another favorite "Rum to Whiskey." Spencer Moody (The lead singer) really didn't talk much between songs which didn't matter because The Murder City Devils were giving Los Angeles an amazing show. After playing "It's In My Heart," "Dear Hearts" and paying homage to an obvious influence in The Murder City Devils music with "Johnny Thunders," The Murder City Devils took a break. After their break the lights dimmed, the keyboard went into effect, and out comes "Press Gang." Then The Murder City Devils picked up the pace again with "Murder City Riot." The final song that The Murder City Devils played that night was a cover by The Birthday Party called "Several Sins."

This was my second time seeing The Murder City Devils and they're so amazing live that I will try and see them every time they come to Los Angeles. If you like garage, punk, love and alcohol induced rock please pick up a Murder City Devils album and I guarantee you'll fall in lust with at least one song.

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