Mumford And Sons - Babel

Written by zoeyr

Mumford and Sons have recently released their new debut album, 'Babel'. So as a long time fan, I was stoked to hear it. Also, I was really hoping that they didn't changed their sound and/or style. I am happy to say, they did not disappoint. When I listened to the first track called, 'Babel', it was a great song choice to start off the album. It's pretty much an epic start and doesn't stop until the end. After the second track, I was already hooked. One song after the other did not bring me down. You can imagine how happy I was! The only difference you can hear is the songs on this album are a lot faster and have more of the rock genre, compared to Mumford's last album, 'Sigh No More'. Good news is, you can still hear the Mumford and Sons we all love. I think they did the right amount of change to keep their folk style. I can honestly say that 'Babel' is another awesome album for Mumford and Sons. By: Zoey Roundy

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