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Posted Jul 10, 2007, by tim :).

If you have ever seen popular bands in small and very intinmate venues you know just how special and memoerable it can be. Motion City Soundtrack at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California was a perfect example of a big band playing a small venue. I came across a presale for the tickets and had to jump on the opportunity to be a part of this show.

The show started pretty early and alot of the people hadn't shown up yet when the opening band The Forecast came on to play there set. When The Forecast are the opening band you know you are seeing some great bands playing this show.

THE FORECAST- The Forecast came out rocking and a little to loud in the beginning of the first song but after about the third song they were sounding very good. The played a few older songs but mostly stuck to there newest (and best album i might add!) In the Tales of Two Gunmen. Most the crowd didn't know much of The Forecast but i think alot of people left Chain Reaction impressed by thesolid set they played. If not impressed by there set then they had to be impressed on how skinny the leader singer Shannon was!

THE HIGHER- The Higher were up next and boy they did not disapoint! The lead vocalist Seth deffently had more confidence then needed and absolutly took over the stage when it was The Higher's time to play. The crowd deffently got more into the Higher and the catcy beats and lyrics deffently got the crowd into the performance. I had listened to On Fire many times but i can officially say that Seth's voice sounds great live and if you love On Fire then you will LOVE The Higher live! Plus the guys are a fun group and make it a blast watching them and you can jsut tell they love being on stage. Seth also threw in a little Akon and R. Kelly remix then finished with the popular hit Insurance.

SHERWOOD- The last band up before Motion City Soundtrack was Sherwood. I must admit i was not looking forward to seeing them again after seeing them with bands like Limbeck and The Forecast before this show. But that was over a year ago and boy has Sherwood grown up and devolped into a fun, upbeat band. They used to be kind of plain and dole but that has deffently changed and I'd check out there newest album A Different Light. I mean come on there on MYSPACE RECORDS! :)

MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK- What else do I need to say? There Motion City Soundtrack! They came out and played alot of good old songs that everyone in the house was singing along with. Playing songs like Everything Is Alright and The Future Freaks Me Out. But after the sixth or seventh song his voice started to cutout because he was a little under the weather. But overall was a great night and hopefully we will all see these great bands at Chain Reaction soon again!

-tIM :)

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