Moonshine And The Drugs (Self Titled)

Written by Mary Dean

Posted May 28, 2010, by Mary Dean.


Featured Artists: Moonshine And The Drugs; Genre: Rock;
Have you ever heard an album and fell in love with the vocals, the music, the lyrics, & the feeling all of it combines gives you? Well that’s what you’ll experience when you hear Moonshine And The Drugs latest self titled album. It is what happened to me.

This album opens with the track Simpler Time ( An Ode to Hank Chinaski) introducing you to what real rock and roll feels like. The harsh vocals hit you hard and you want more. As the album continues you fall deeper into the music. Each track flows perfectly into the next track. They aren’t as harsh as they first were in the opening track, but the vocals get more refreshing and if you close your eyes you are taken away to somewhere new. You feel the music. And let me comment on the guitar work that is done on this album. They understand what real rock and roll is all about.

My favorite track off this album is Sometimes. This smooth song hit me as soon as I heard it. I felt every note, every lyric run through my veins. Another great track is When It’s Said. The piano work is introduced in this track. A very mellow song that gives anyone a very warm feeling.

So I encourage everyone to take a listen to this album. It is a feel good album with so much raw emotion you want to experience it over and over again. It has the equal amount of head rocking and body swaying feelings. It will cause you to sit down and really listen and let it swirl all around you. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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