Monster Squad, Whiskey Rebels, DCOI!, Pullout...

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Monster Squad, Whiskey Rebels, DCOI!, Pullout, Urban Decay @ Gilman Jan/11/08
Posted Feb 7, 2008, by ME.

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So we started the day driving to Berkely in a van for 6 1/2 hours. We found a dingy jacked up motel for $60 a night. We found Gilman and checked out the scene for a bit. Their scene reminds me of the Showcase scene in Corona. A $6 show with 5 good bands! Wish we had that in L.A. As I walked into the legendary Gilman it reminded me of a CBGB's. Graffiti everywhere and political slogans also. The show was for Matt Kadi's birthday, to help raise money for Monster Squad's tour in Europe, and the show was also being videotaped. Urban Decay went on first and they represented for L.A., and so did me and my friends. Pixie told me the Gilman lads have a problem pitting but I didn't see any problem, well!! until later. Urban Decay ended their set with "Banned from the Pubs" by Peter and the Test Tube Babies. Next was supposed to be Knuckle Puck, but for some reason they didn't play. Instead Pullout played - a hardcorepunk band with members from Monster Squad and DCOI!. They played about four songs. Since Pullout was a late entry on the bill they had no merch. I talked to the singer and he said that since it was a late entry they had no demos, but to look for them on myspace. After Pullout was DCOI!. I heard only two songs from them prior to the show. I was really looking forward to seeing them and they didn't disappoint. DCOI! is a really hardcore influenced band. I don't know the names of the songs that they played, but check out their two CD's "Deadly Nights" and "Fall Back Plan." Since the show, these two CD's have been playing constantly. Really really good music. Finally, the Whiskey Rebels. I love Monster Squad but I really wanted to see the Whiskey Rebels - a band from Sacramento that speaks for the people from the streets. I was looking forward to hearing songs from their self-titled CD, but most of their set was from Create or Die. Another CD that has been in my radio for weeks. They really don't play often, so I feel blessed that I got to see them. Hopefully they come down to L.A. They played "Gang War", "Creat or Die," and they ended their set with "Peace through War." Check them out and if they come back to L.A. you'll see me there. At last, Monster Squad. During the show many bands were saying thanks to Monster Squad as if they were gonna break up. As the band took the stage Phil started their set by saying "This is 10 plus years of Monster Squad." They started off with "Til the End." They also played "You are not Alone," "D.F.A.," "All These Things," "Lies," "Pressure," "Death and Destruction," "On the Edge," "Strength Through Pain," and songs that they don't play in L.A. like "Brotherhood & Unity," "Rock 'N Roll Anti-Hero," and the Hi-Lite of the show "A Nightmare to Consume." Easiliy one of the best shows I've ever been to. Monster Squad is supposed to go to Europe but now I don't know. Hopefully they don't break up, but if they do I'm so glad I got to see them in their own area.

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