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Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jul 3, 2010, by Michelle Bettencourt.

Featured Artists: The Ruby Suns, Empire of the Sun; Genre: Electronica;

Miike Snow is a trio with two former members of the production team Bloodshy and Avant. Under this name, the duo worked with pop-stars like Britney Spears and Madonna. The duo and Andrew Wyatt came together to form Miike Snow and release their self titled album under Downtown Records in 2009. The album soars with infectious hooks, danceable beats, and harmonies that are so catchy you will find yourself banging your head on a wall just to get them out. The album's first singls, "Animal" is instantly likeable and contains bouncy synthesizers over a breezy chorus. "Burial" contains chantlike vocals over tingling piano. The picking guitar and simple percussion lead "Song For No One" into a melodic song with layered vocals and creative beats. "Black and Blue" contains rolling synthesizers and start stop-stopping vocals. The groups' vocal talents are highlighted on the melencholic "San Soleil." The track is more mellow than others on the album and the "oooohhs and aaahhhhs" are simple, but necessary to make this track's beauty stand out. Later in the album, "Cult Logic" takes over and easily has the most charge and energy on the album. Miike Snow make the most of every song on the album to display their talent for blending musical styles and show their intelligence for melody. The songs are refreshing and instantly ear-pleasing. From the moment "Animal" begins, listeners will be eagerly seeking more. Keep listening and you will not be disappointed.

Lyrically "Miike Snow" is just as whitty and genuine as their melodies. "It's all the opposite I think, the ladder runs side to side," comes from the thought-provoking "Sans Soleil." The lyrics in "Burial" are haunting and eerie, "At your own burial don't forget to cry." This is just the beginning of the ghostly lyrics that are mostly masked behind the song's contagious music and dynamic blending of styles. Lyrically the album is strong and solid, but the music itself is what truly enchants the album.

Miike Snow have thrown it all into the mixing bowl: a dash of techo, a pinch of electronics, a smidge of pop, and a mountain of harmony and originality all blended together to craft an outstanding dish that will leave those who take it in feeling satisfied and craving dessert. Miike Snow know how to blend musical styles without letting any one style overshadow another. The group have clearly learned alot from working with numerous pop stars. It is refreshing to find a group able to transform simple pop into music with more depth and dynamics. Miike Snow have a lot to offer and I would not be suprised to hear many of these songs on soundtracks and in movies in the near future.



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