MDC - Magnus Dominus Corpus

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jun 1, 2008, by Andrew Ridley.

Genre: Hardcore; Punk; This is mdc's first studio release in 11 years, making this the twelfth album they have released since 1979 (counting the submissives). Mdc is a hardcore punk band originally from austin texas. Lyrically they draw influences from bands like the dead kennedys, crass, dri, and many many other punk rock bands that are heavily into politics. Their new album is no different. The only real difference is in the sound quality being better than that of their previous efforts. They are still angry, and they still play about as fast as they can. This album is chock full of songs about dubya, the planet being destroyed, blink 182 and good charlotte, cops, nazis, more cops, and even a song about our founding fathers. Nothing is sacred and that is how it should be. Some of my favorite songs on here are the sillier sounding songs .... Nazis shouldn't drive ... Its just funny. Its especially fun to sing along with it at a show ... And recorded it is fine too! Another would be the ballad of g.w. It is set to the sounds of the classic beverly hillbillies sound track ... How fitting. "next thing you know, lil georgie goes to yale, he cant spell his name, but they never let him fail" it is gold. If you like mdc already, you will not be disappointed with this one. Its not another millions of dead cops, but its impossible to replicate something like that. If you have never heard them, what are you waiting for?



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