MC LARS - The Graduate (Indie/HipHop/Rap)

Written by rickmurder

MC LARS - The Graduate
Posted Dec 30, 2008.

I know this cd has been out for a while but it still rules. Yeah he's white but does that matter, he still flows like a mad man. The songs are not about what is typicaly found in hip hop and or rap. It is geared to our genereation as he says "the I generation" The beats are basic but cover alot of ground from break beats to ones that are simular to 80's hip hop. Its has a comedy feel to the cd, not like Weird al, but it is mocking hip hop. To put it simple its geek rap. If you are a fan of indie music and hip hop this is the cd for you. The cd speaks of internet girlfriends, crunk rap, and that satan is his roommate.

would i reconmend it? yep
worth buying? yep
scale 1-10



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