Mc Lars @ The Alley 5/9/07 (Indie/Hip-Hop)

Written by rickmurder

Mc Lars @ Alley. Written May 9, 2007.

This little venue was thumping tonight. there was an opening indie band to get the mood rolling. the rest of the night consisted of melodic, bass thumping, snare snapping beats. the next band was two drummers that played with pre recorded music. but to make it more interesting the drummers faced each other and played the beats rawbeats it was stright up. Also a first for me to see I liked it they would both take turns soloing and busting out very intricate beats. optimus rhyme was up next. they fit right it busting out beats getting people to bob there heads and put there hands in the air from side to side. it was pleasent to hear it fit in with the whole fullerton back alley. the next band definitly had a specail place in my heart they were called MC front alot. picture all the member is in white shirt and tires with front man with big black glasses and a shaved head shooting out ryhmes like a 50 caliber machine gun, it was rad. Headlining the show was Mc lars. the best way I could describe there is picture white boys busting beats out live and a projection screen showing clips that match the lyrics and are all geek college based. I am in love for sure, it made me moving from side to side especially hot topic not punk song came on "game over". But the set was really fun it wasn't a concert but more of a sing along. I walked out from that show happy and amped to be able to embark on that adventure.

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